20 Reasons Why I May Be A Dangerous Radical

How can you tell? Well, here’s a list of some of the REALLY RADICAL concepts I put my faith & trust in:

1. I believe in God, and willingly say so out loud.

2. I pray, sometimes in public, and I am not a Muslim.

3. I believe the Bible is the revealed Word of God.

4. I know the difference between right and wrong: and I know that without the moral compass of Faith in God there is no valid concept of right and wrong.

5. I know that the USA is and has been a Great Nation and that all those who would try to convince you otherwise have an agenda.

6. I believe that homosexuality is a sin. That does not make me a “homophobe” as I was taught to “hate the sin not the sinner.” I feel the same way about adultery, theft, murder and at least seven other things.

7. I firmly believe that if we focus on the solution rather than the problem, we will come out ok.

8. I believe in Marriage. And responsible parenting.

9. I believe in Personal Responsibility. You are responsible for what you do, and if something you do or create effects others then it must have the same effect on you.

10. I believe in the Bill of Rights, the Constitution and the Rule of Law. These are the things that set us apart from other nations and they are the things that will help us survive, if only we don’t stray from their wisdom.

11. I believe in the Right to Bear Arms – to defend ourselves from the bad people, at whatever level becomes necessary.

12. I believe that the Constitution was meant to protect us from state dictated religion not to remove religion from public life.

13. I believe that a few atheists can not be allowed to stop the rest of us from practicing our Faith, or force us to bow to their wishes over ours.

14. I believe that you have a right to what you earn and own, and that others have absolutely no right whatsoever to what you worked for and earned.

15. I believe that if you can work and don’t then you should go hungry. No one, under any circumstances, should be paid to do nothing. The expectation of something for nothing is the downfall of character.

16. I believe that your rights do not trump mine and that mine do not rule over yours. That there is no true freedom unless we both are free and that usually means we must compromise. My grandfather used to say, “Freedom is the ability to swing yours arms. But your freedom stops when your arms interfere with those of another.”

17. I believe in treating others the way I would like them to treat me, but if that does not work – beware for then I will treat them exactly the way they treat me.

18. I believe that we are responsible for taking care of the Earth. At the same time I believe that God gave us all of the Earth for our use. That is, to use it but not to abuse it. Rabid radical environmentalists who lie and exaggerate to push their agenda are just as dangerous as radical Islamic terrorists.

19. I believe in justice, and punishment for evil deeds. And that not all evil people can/will be rehabilitated and some need to be permanently stopped from being.

20. I believe that free market capitalism is what made this country the best in the world and has the power to keep it on top. The free market is self correcting and always works when left alone.

The real dangerous radicals think like this:

(And in case you are not sharp enough to notice: the things listed below are said tongue-in-cheek. That is, sarcastically. I am aware that there are real issues involved here, but those that feel the way I bring forth below do not agree. And that is the problem.)

1. Anyone who believes in God has no brain or checked it at the door. And if you talk to me about your religion you are out of line and breaking some law.

2. Public prayer by Islamics is interesting and their Constitutional Right. Prayer by Christians is nothing but bile and hate speech directed at anyone who does not believe as they do, and must be restricted.

3. The bible is a highly intolerant book of fictional Jewish history. All it does is make people feel angry, guilty and the believers self righteous.

4. What is truth? Is your truth the same as mine? Right and wrong are purely situational. In other words, whatever you feel is right at the moment is what is right for you. That is the only truth and should be the only rule.

5. The USA has a history of abuse and runs roughshod over anyone it can. We have lifted ourselves up by stepping on the less advantaged. We have everything to apologize for and nothing to be proud of. The USA really is as Muslims say, “The Great Satan.”

6. Gays have been held back too long. Like others that the ‘old white guy’ religious fanatics have held back, they deserve special privileges to make up for all they are been denied. Even though they are a minority they must be allowed to do what they want, even at the expense of everyone else.

7. Things are so messed up that there is no hope. So we might as well have another beer and say to hell with tomorrow, live for today. If it has any chance of being fixed, the government will do it for us.

8. Marriage is for suckers. It is an old fashioned, out dated idea that has never worked right. We are better off just living together, so we can get out of it easily when it goes bad – as it always does. Plus if we wind up with some rug-rats I can dump the whole circus. After all, why should I let noisy, smelly brats screw up my good time?

9. Life happens to me. It is not my fault, after all my parents didn’t love me, the teachers were too tough on me so I just dropped out of school and my priest molested me. I didn’t do it, I didn’t know it was wrong, ask my psychologist, IT’S NOT MY FAULT.

10. The Laws and Rules were created by a bunch of ‘old white guys’ who only cared about what they could get out of it. Plus the things that are going on now have nothing in common with what was going 200 yeard ago. People are different now and the Constitution needs to be modernized.

11. Guns are the root of all evil. There would be much less crime if we could just stop all those NRA freaks from thinking they have a right to own guns. After all, hunting animals is evil and cruel, and the Police and Military have all the guns anyone could ever want to have. And they will protect us from criminals, terrorists and a government that intends dictatorship, right?

12. Religion is nothing but a bunch of fanatics that want to push their views and rules on everyone else. It has no place in schools, in any part of government or in the public eye at all. Who needs all that guilt? Don’t you hate it when those self righteous pigs say something like, “God bless you” when you sneeze? Or “Happy Easter?” It is so insulting.

13. I am offended when someone smiles and says “Merry Christmas” to me. Who do they think they are pushing that crap at me? We don’t need faith now, and the founders didn’t think so either. That’s why the Constitution says we must have “a wall of separation” between church and state. Right?

14. If you have more than me, it’s not fair. I demand that the government makes sure that I have all I need. It’s not fair for you to have so much if I don’t have enough. No, I don’t want charity, I expect, no: I require that your abundance be spread around. You owe it to me. Why? Because that is what the government is for – to provide for my needs & wants.

15. I used to have a job, but when the company closed I found out that I could get paid for not working. So why bother? Pay without work, of course – I deserve it. This is the richest country in the world: why should any of us have to struggle? Free broad band internet access – that’s my right. Food and other support, and free medical care for me and my children – you owe it to me. Why? Because that is what the government is for – to provide for my needs & wants.

16. Your opinion has no value if it does not support mine. If you try to fool me with your facts % logic I will shout you down. And if you continue, I will do everything in my power to counter the ‘facts’ by destroying your credibility as a person. If you don’t agree with me you must be a bigot, have a secret agenda, be a dangerous radical or at least stupid anyway

17. Courtesy is a leftover from the past and clearly a sign of weakness. You think this is rude? You ain’t seen nothing yet. You had better give me my way or I will be in your face before you can think. But you better treat me nice, or else. I won’t let you disrespect me.

18. You talk about caring for animals but you still eat meat, wear leather and go fishing. That will stop! I cannot allow you to murder our brothers on this earth. Humans are a disease spreading across the planet and must be stopped. And I don’t care what it takes, I will fly around the world in my jet till all the polar bears are safe. Then we will see about the plants you continue to abuse.

19. Capital punishment is simply wrong. The people who break laws are not at fault, so punishing them is in itself a crime. We live in a time when children are scarred by the abuses of (fill in the blank) so they grow up to commit crimes that they can not be blamed for. They are the real victims.

20. Capitalism is failed. The need for government intervention and bail outs is proof of that. The fat cats got that way by taking from the poor and by raping the poorer nations around the world. The solution to our problems lies in taking it back. The wealthy owe us. We should tax them at a 75% to 90% rate a redistribute all that money back to the rest of us. They took it from us and we have a right to it.

So, who do you think is the dangerous radical?

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6 Responses to 20 Reasons Why I May Be A Dangerous Radical

  1. Warner says:

    If I ever get it done you will be interested in my book called, Seminary which deals with many of the things you have on your blog. I am 95% in agreement with you but I am not going to point out where I differ at this time.

  2. C says:

    I look forward to seeing anything you write, including the 5% disagreement!
    Thanks for the comment.

  3. Dr. Owen Rogal says:

    I liked the post, particularly, the last 20, the nut case comments.

  4. C says:

    Thanks Doc. Unfortunately there seem to be quite a few people who think and vote that way.

  5. jayne says:

    when did it happen ? How did it happen ? why did it happen ? These questions kept flashing through my thoughts as I read the articles…WHEN…why yesterday and the day before and last week when I ignored the signs and said to myself–Well, this is just a little thing, it won’t matter–and went on my way…….HOW= well that is an easy one too because it is so much easier to be just another of the salmon rushing upstream (to their demise) than to buck the trend…stand up and stand out. That would make me more vulnerable and the barbs sting…. and it’s just a little thing, isn’t it ???? and WHY..well because I wanted to be fair, and kind, and thoughtful and not so old-fashioned as to not keep up with today’s trends. And just look where I am now–a good radical who believes in all 20 of the beliefs but who has let the fanatical radical slowly infiltrate my life. Ah, your article has the effect of an icy shower…wake up call, isn’t it ??

  6. C says:

    It happened as we settled into our ‘comfort zone’, it happened when we decided that the other guy would stop and help, so we rushed on with our busy lives.
    The radicalization of moral conviction & religious belief snuck up on us as we snoozed in front of our big screen tvs. We have been so busy just surviving, dealing with the urgent (bills, colds, rush hour traffic) that we neglected the important things (planning, praying, teaching the children to accept responsibility).

    The time seems to be upon us, when the important will soon become the urgent, or be totally lost.
    It would serve us well to think on Ben Franklin’s quote: “Those who would give up essential Liberty, to purchase a little temporary Safety, deserve neither Liberty nor Safety.”

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