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What’s the Big Deal About the Constitution?

Why are there so many people asking where the government finds approval in the Constitution for the things they are doing? Because it doesn’t, the authority for their choices does not exist. Our Constitution has been discarded by those in … Continue reading

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We Are Created Equal But Not Economically Equal!

I’m sorry, can somebody please tell me where in the Declaration of Independence or the Constitution it says that we are all supposed to be economically or financially equal? The last time I read it the second paragraph of the … Continue reading

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My wife and I just finished watching the film “Invictus.” In my mind it ranks with movies like “Rudy” and “The Blind Side” as one of the most powerful testimonies to the human spirit ever put on film.

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Sheer Stupidity

Right now what is going on with the new Mosque two blocks from Ground Zero and the church in Florida planning to burn The Quran; well, these things are just making me crazy. It is certainly not my plan to … Continue reading

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Yearning For The Truth

I have always considered myself a fairly well educated person who had at least a general idea of what was going on in his own little world as well as his state and country…until about a week ago. My little … Continue reading

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