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How You Raise You Child Matters

Most of my readers know how much my wife and I value family and relationships. I have always had a heart for bringing up kids right. I think that’s because it did not come easy to me. All that I … Continue reading

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Two Types of Thinkers: Which Are You?

This is a guest post – the first ever. I am thrilled to have Michael Hyatt’s permission to re-post this here. But due to Google’s rules about duplicate content I am only going to post part of the article with … Continue reading

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The ‘What Every Boy Needs To Know About Being A Man’ Speech

When was the last time you saw a REALLY good movie? How about a GREAT one? I am a huge movie fan, and love them all. But in the final analysis there simply aren’t that many that I would classify … Continue reading

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TANSTAAFL – Addendum

Just got this message in an email from a friend and it dovetails perfectly into my last post. So here it is thanks to Larry C. To Pee or Not To Pee I have a job. I work, they pay … Continue reading

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TANSTAAFL: A Pre-Independence Day Message

The USA is not broken – yet. But we sure are broke and in debt. President Obama (and others) seem to have only three ideas when it comes to solving the problem. 1. Raise taxes (for the rich, to start). … Continue reading

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