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Unexpected Joy!

These days it’s more often that something we see or hear, or is passed on via email brings doubt and irritation. What a marvelous thing it is when the opposite happens. If you follow the news you heard a lot … Continue reading

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Turtle Interregnum

Occasionally I like to go back and read or reread my previous posts. In going over the “Turtle” posts it seems as though I’ve actually missed what should have been the central point. In every instance, the thing that actually … Continue reading

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The Balloon President

I just watched President Obama’s ‘jobs bill’ speech. I honestly don’t know why I do this to myself. Every single time I pay attention to the president speaking I come away upset and angry. Beginning with the time when Mr. … Continue reading

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The Legacy of September 11

I just spent the weekend fully immersed in the horror that was 9-11-01. I am sure that many of you did the same. The feelings it created in me are so powerful that I actually thought, “Why am I doing … Continue reading

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