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Just Too Precious!

I came across an article today that I just had to share with you all: Occupy Wall Street kitchen staff protesting fixing food for freeloaders You have to read the whole article and some of the facebook comments below! I … Continue reading

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Quotes From Dubious Sources

There are without doubt gems to be found in somewhat unlikely places. Here are a couple I’ve found meaningful in the last week: From the movie Batman Begins “And why do we fall, Bruce? So we can learn to pick … Continue reading

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Why Vote?

I just got an email from the local “Tea Party” group. Although I have never been to their meetings, I receive messages about them. The topic of the upcoming meeting was very simple: Why Vote? I must admit, I was … Continue reading

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Chronically Happy

Are you struggling with stuff in your life? Of course you are. We all fight the battle of the day to day junk. every once in a while you get a wake up call. Something that reminds you that perhaps … Continue reading

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How do you balance your life?

In this busy world we live in there are constantly 5, 10 or even 20 different things that all need your attention and of course they are all TOP PRIORITY MUST DO 10 MINUTES AGO type items. No way can … Continue reading

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