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Sometimes All You Can Do Is Laugh

Yep, while our elected officials say everything is on the rise, the bankruptcy and foreclosure numbers reach new highs day after day. While they tell us the measures they have taken have forestalled disaster, our debt is now equal to … Continue reading

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We ALL Need To This!

I am headed out to my bank first thing in the morning to accomplish this! Debt Limit Sorry, this is one of those videos that just will not embed in the post. So… the link, it’s well worth it. It … Continue reading

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Petition for Divorce: We don’t have anything in common!

My wife and I have what I believe to be a great marriage. Now I admit it is hard to make a comparison for a couple of reasons. One: you never really know what things are like for others ‘behind … Continue reading

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Land of the Free and Home of the Brave?

If you are like me you were raised firmly in the idea that the US was a free country, and that you have the right to own property, and determine your own future. Things seems to be changing in some … Continue reading

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