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How’s That Hope & Change Workin’ Out For You?

In case you couldn’t figure it out: this is a very political video. I do not apologize for my opinions, And whether you share them or not, I respect your right to think the way you do – and I … Continue reading

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Memorial Day Tribute

Here in the USA while we have set aside special days to commemorate things we all agree are/were important in history, there is a strong tendency to pass over these memories in the hurry to enjoy a “holiday.” I’ll tell … Continue reading

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What About Profit?

Do you understand Economics, Money and Profit? The Key to Winning in the mind of most people centers around money. And yet more and more in the world today we hear about ‘sharing the wealth’ and the ‘evils of capitalism.’ … Continue reading

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Martin Luther King Jr.

There have been many great people, and many great orators. But nowhere near as many great people who were also great orators. Included in the latter group is Martin Luther King Jr. who, when many were out looking for blood … Continue reading

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Someone shoot me, please…..

This video from The Blaze had the notation, On Tuesday, The Blaze went down to Malcolm X park in Washington D.C. which played host to the much-touted Occupy May Day protests. We were interested in finding the answer to one … Continue reading

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