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How Do You Feel About Israel’s Right to Exist?

The question posed is not an unimportant one in your life. It is safe to say that the unrest in the Middle East is centered on Israel and the lack of stability there promises to be the most likely source … Continue reading

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Rules Are Made To Be Broken?

We here in the US are constantly told that we live “under the rule of law” and that “no one is above the law.” And I believe that the vast majority of American citizens want it to be that way. … Continue reading

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What Is Beauty?

True Beauty Resides Inside, and So Does Ugliness When I look at Lizzie, I must admit that my initial reaction is too look away. I am truly embarrassed to say that, but it is true. But it is not because … Continue reading

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Single Sentence Summation of ObamaCare

Here is an amazingly succinct explanation of the problems with ObamaCare. This was given in the form of a video speech given by Senate candidate Dr. Barbara Bellar. She is not your typical politician and certainly does not fit the … Continue reading

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The Sky Is NOT Falling!

It’s Time To Dump Chicken Little We have been focusing on the downside and ‘playing the devil’s advocate’ for so long that our youth no longer believes their lives can be better than ours! We see these headlines all the … Continue reading

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