A Person of Great Passions

As the title states, I am a man of great passions. Specifically, I am speaking here of what has been called the “courage of your convictions.” Those readers who suffer this affliction know the challenges it presents, and hopefully, the fulfillment it offers. In this PC (politically correct) world of ours being passionate about your beliefs is frowned upon by anyone who does not share those beliefs. Experience has shown the absence of this trait brings about confusion. The passionate person is often asked what they are mad about. “Oh, you’re NOT mad? Then why are you yelling?” My response is sometimes “I am not yelling – this is yelling….” Counter productive, at best! But, I’m passionate!

Several years ago, my sister and niece (about 12 at the time) came from long distance to stay with us. It was wonderful visit of two weeks that has remained a warm memory. After a week the young lady asked my sister why my wife and I fought so much. This blew us away as we had not had a single battle the entire time. You see, we are both opinionated, passionate and somewhat confrontational in our relationship style. I guess we already knew that but were not aware how it appeared to anyone who is NOT of that ilk. Thus enlightened, of course we immediately changed. In your dreams! Today we do try to be more aware of others perceptions, but a part of who we are and why we are together is our sense of passion for life and what we believe.

Soooooo…. Last night my wife and I did have a bit of a fight. No, not physical in any way – but there was actual yelling, and stuff. This battle was, rather unusually, over a statement by a political pundit. As has happened before, this occurred due to my misunderstanding of a comment by my wife. We do not agree on numerous things, but in general we feel the same about most political areas. After it was over I came to a realization. The challenge in this instance was not over the topic but rather over a seeming lack of interest in acquiring knowledge about it.

You see, I am a seeker. I want to know things. Lots of things. Important and even ridiculous stuff fascinates me. That made me a great Trivial Pursuit player in the past. If while watching TV I hear something that interests me at all, I’ll hop on the computer and check it out. Immediately. People have frequently asked me, Why? What difference does it make? Honestly, it often makes no difference at all to anything. I just want to know.

Much that is happening in this great USA today upsets me. What and why are topics for another time. But when I share that anger with others I often see stunned surprise. Some of it is so contrary to what we were taught and believe this country to be that folks who don’t know what’s going on can not believe these things are true. When you try to tell another something completely in opposition to what they believe to be normal and rational – it is rejected out of hand. My personal incredulity over why some things are not more widely known focuses on what appear to be mental blinders that many wear. My sense of outrage arises and I get hot (try moaning to me about how bad the politicians are, and then tell me you don’t vote). Luckily, as I said, this battle at home was a miscommunication. But it brought an understanding I previously lacked.

Often people won’t watch, or read, or listen to someone who highlights the troublesome topics because they don’t want to feel bad. When the ugly underbelly of society is exposed on some TV show we can all console ourselves that it is just that – a show. And when we read about the same thing in our local paper we sigh with relief that it was not us, or in our town. But when confronted with the bare reality that things which were beautiful and strong are being broken down by the very people we expected to uphold and/or fix them….we oft turn away shocked and put it aside. If we watch – we think, if we think – we feel bad. Why? Because we feel powerless to stop the cancer we see spreading. Many people don’t want to know because they feel powerless over their own lives and therefore completely helpless to deal with the bigger problems outside of the immediate.

There used to be a strong belief in the USA that ONE PERSON CAN MAKE A DIFFERENCE. Where did that go? It seems to have been subjugated by the sense of YOU CAN’T FIGHT CITY HALL. Well, I am passionate about the truth. And the truth is you can make a difference, a big difference, and even more than that, a measurable difference. Please understand, that is what this blog is truly about. You can not possibly believe you can change the world if you do not think you can change your own life.

I am here to join with the many others who rail against the inaction caused by that falsehood. To quote Terry Goodkind, “Your life is yours alone. Rise up and live it.” How? Edward Everett Hale said: “I am only one, but still I am one. I cannot do everything, but still I can do something; and because I cannot do everything, I will not refuse to do something I can do.” Is every single thing possible for every single person? No. Obviously, that is not what I said or meant. BUT….

You can change. I know – I am proof of it. You can make your life better – I know, I have done it. You can change the lives of those around you – if you want to change others simply change yourself. By the simple act of becoming the best you and thereby showing others what is possible, YOU can change the world. The power lies within you, and it starts with the belief that, to quote Les Brown: “It’s Possible.” You can Win. At life, at anything you truly want to. Success is not the province of the rich or privileged. Yes, you TOO can Win.

Stick around. Read. Listen. Study. Learn. Comment. Question. Join with us here as a true Student of Winning.

Original Source: http://studentofwinning.com/rants/a-person-of-great-passions
Posted 11-25-2009

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