Our Amazing Technology

We live in a most amazing time of change and discovery. That really came home to me when I viewed the new series of videos put out by Google Earth in conjunction with Time and NASA.

There are, in total, nine videos. Eight of them are close-ups focused on individual areas, and the one I have included for you here is an overview & explanation of what went into the making of these outstanding video records of our Earth. I do not agree 100% with all the conclusions mentioned, but some are certainly not arguable. We change the places we live. Is all change for the better? Of course not, but is all change to the detriment of the planet? To that, I also say – Of course not.

We are to be stewards of the Earth, just as we are to be stewards of our finances and of our families. And frankly, we are falling down in more areas than not. To me it all starts with the concept of Individual/Personal Responsibility. You are responsible for your health, or lack thereof. The Government is not and should not try to force it on you, and McDonald’s is not, as they are not the only choice available to you.

As I am fond of quoting: “Your Life is yours alone…Rise up and live it!” – Terry Goodkind, Faith of the Fallen

 To watch the additional 8 short videos go here.

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One Response to Our Amazing Technology

  1. Ellen says:

    Very Cool! I haven’t taken the time to watch all of them but thanks for sharing!

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