Another Obama Outrage

President Obama spoke recently at a campaign fundraiser in San Francisco and according to most media reports his remarks were “crowd pleasing.” If that is as portrayed I am very confident there were no naturalized citizens in the audience.

Here is the text of a portion of the speech describing his vision for America: “A vision of a big, generous, compassionate America. A vision where we are living within our means but we’re still investing in our future. . . . A vision where we live up to the idea that no matter who you are, no matter where you can came from, no matter what you look like, no matter whether your ancestors landed here on Ellis Island or came here on slave ships or came across the Rio Grande, we are all connected. We will rise and fall together. That’s the vision of America that I’ve got, that’s the idea at the heart of America.”

This is a vision of this country that I find offensive. I am an All-American mongrel. My family goes back 200 years in the US. So I do not “have a dog in this fight” as they say. Over the years I have known many legal immigrants to this great nation.My wife’s parents were perfect examples. They came to this country in 1950 as ‘displaced persons’ and worked hard for several years to learn the language, history and customs necessary to become US Citizens.

They and those like them were proud Americans. They never forgot their heritage but they came here to become Americans. Not to remain Ukrainians living amongst Americans. They had respect for what citizenship meant. I have met dozens like them, from nearly every nation you can name.

But what exactly is US Citizenship worth? What does it mean when the president calls as equal those hard striving Naturalized Citizens and those who illegally cross the Rio Grande from Mexico to abuse the rights of those here legitimately.

I hesitate to say this, but it seems more and more each day that this wonderful country is being brought low, intentionally. If that is not true, then why? Why is the power of the government being more & more removed from the people? Why are the rights given to us in the Constitution being daily eroded? Why are the purposeful constraints put on government built into that document being ignored?

I pride myself in being a positive thinker but these things worry me. How about you?

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