For You Readers

Those who know me well know that not only am I a voracious reader, I have rather eclectic tastes. That being said I want to recommend two particular books for your pleasure.

First for your consideration:

The book description says: Losing It is Valerie’s frank account of her life backstage and in the spotlight: the ups and downs of teen stardom, her complicated marriage to a brilliant, tormented musical genius, the joys of motherhood, and her very public struggle with her weight.

For me this is a marvelous, easy to read, and very human story of one individuals’ personal struggle to understand WHY she does the things she does, and allows others do some things that affect her in certain ways. I guess you could say it is a “coming of age” story, by a 47 year old woman. I found it eminently readable, very enjoyable and a lesson on life for anyone with self doubts.

The second recommendation is a book that I fully intend doing everything in my power to get my grandsons to read. That being said it is one of those books that I classify as a ‘deal changer,’ that is – a read that could change your entire life by affecting your outlook.

The book is I Beat The Odds:

Most everyone I know loved the story put forward in the movie The Blind Side, and we all came out of it saying “Is it true?” You know when they say a movie is “based on a true story” that does not mean it is actually true. This amazing book is the story behind the movie and the book of the same title. This book is the actual story, written by Michael Oher – HIS STORY. It is not the story that was told in the movie, it is the story of his life and all the things that led up to the tale told there.

This is a book about what it really takes to make it in life. What you need to do, and how you need to think and act to achieve your dreams – no matter how unattainable they may seem. It is the story of reaching and helping others reach genuine success in life, TODAY, in these times and in this climate.

This is a book we ALL need, filled with insights we need every day.

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