Capitalism or Socialism?

What’s the big deal? What’s the difference? A lot of folks seem to take the attitude that it does not matter – their lot in life is going to be the same anyway. They feel can have no effect on things, so why bother? That is the truth in a Socialist system. Here is a 5 minute video that may clear up some things…..


For a few years now the United States Government has been moving away from the Capitalist System and that is why so many people feel helpless about changing it. Our current administration has accelerated down this path and if we don’t start slowing it down, there may be no hope of stopping it.

It is not too late. Do you want to live in a system where you control your life and success or in the one where someone else makes all the decisions for you? This has nothing to do with parties or even people – it is a war of ideas. Watch the video again…..which idea are you going to choose?

Choose incorrectly and you may lose the right to choose sooner than you think.

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