Choices In Life

I was having a conversation the other day with my son, he was a little unhappy because he was probably not going to be able to see his cousin while he is in town since he is a CIT at a boy scout summer camp for the remainder of the summer.

This led to a conversation about choices and how every decision we make or don’t make is a choice in life and we have to live with those choices no matter if the outcome is good or bad.

It was a pretty heavy conversation for a 14 year old and I think some of the significance of it was lost on him. It wasn’t lost on me as I have been thinking about it ever since and trying to find a way to explain it in a better way.

Did you ever stop to think about how we make dozens if not hundreds of choices every single day? Some of those choices are HUGE and have a direct and significant impact on our lives.

When we make these choices we have no way of knowing the size of the impact it will have on our life nor when that impact will be felt.

Growing up my dad always seemed to come down on me pretty hard about really small and insignificant things and it drove me nuts! One day I had enough and called him on it…his response was that if you handle the little things right then the big things will almost take care of themselves. Granted it took 10 years for me to have a clue what he was talking about…but now it makes sense.

So, how do you teach somebody about those choices in life?


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One Response to Choices In Life

  1. Justin Dupre says:

    Choice and decision is huge in life that we have to deal with daily, I remember taking a class in college called critical thinking and problem solving. It was a good class with tons of great information & models for you to follow on.. I think taking care of small things and big things will take care of themselves is good, however, I don’t sweat much on the little things and seem to focus more on all the possible consequences that comes along with each decision.

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