Communism is Evil

Are you surprised to read that statement? If so, you must be under the age of 30 or so. That is, if you live in the USA. Even so, what difference does it make? Why does it matter to you and I, here & now?

Let me start over: First fact for your consideration, Communism is evil.

Second fact, for all intents and purposes, Socialism is Communism. Same thing as before, younger folks may not have heard this previously. To be strictly accurate, Communism actually evolved from Socialism. And yet, today high levels of the USA government have been packed with hand picked, self avowed communists & radical socialists.

Third obvious fact, Communism is a failed system – in every instance and everywhere it has been tried. It has failed in the past, it is failing today and it is doomed to fail in all future attempts.

So, let’s talk about the troubles with the big C and the evidence it is evil. The biggest challenge with that may lie in the fact that Communism is one of those ideas/concepts that sounds really good initially. But the reality of it is hugely different. In very nearly every instance when communist government has been ‘instituted’ it has been, after a short time, proven to be more like a dictatorship. If you do not understand that, spend a little time studying the beginning and the history of the Russian communism. Then do the same with the Chinese communism.

To get a view of the impact on people when these systems take over, watch the movie Doctor Zhivago with Omar Sharif. Then take the time to read (or at least watch) Animal Farm by George Orwell. You will get a clear view of how C mutates into a Totalitarian Regime. Educate yourself. To learn the depths those regimes can ultimately sink to read (or watch!) 1984 also by George Orwell and Fahrenheit 451 by Ray Bradbury. And, by the way….you will get much more from reading these three books than watching them as movies. There’s a surprise. Not.

If you are unwilling to do this homework but still don’t see my point, read on. You may find it interesting to note the top two definitions of communism at
#1. a theory or system of social organization based on the holding of all property in common, actual ownership being ascribed to the community as a whole or to the state. THAT’S THE IDEA OF IT.
#2. (often initial capital letter) a system of social organization in which all economic and social activity is controlled by a totalitarian state dominated by a single and self-perpetuating political party. AND THAT’S THE REALITY OF IT.

#1. of or pertaining to a centralized government that does not tolerate parties of differing opinion and that exercises dictatorial control over many aspects of life.
#2. exercising control over the freedom, will, or thought of others; authoritarian; autocratic.

First Chairman of the Communist Party of China, Mao Zedong, also transliterated as Mao Tse-tung, the great revolutionary, political strategist, military mastermind, and savior of the nation, initiated policies which caused the deaths of between 40 to 70 million people.

Here are some death toll estimates from The Black Book of Communism:
65 million in the People’s Republic of China
20 million in the Soviet Union
2 million in Cambodia
2 million in North Korea
1.7 million in Africa
1.5 million in Afghanistan
1 million in the Communist states of Eastern Europe
1 million in Vietnam
150,000 in Latin America

Compiled by 7 editors, here is what has been said about the book and communism: Historian Tony Judt in The New York Times, “No one will any longer be able to claim ignorance or uncertainty about the criminal nature of Communism.”

Anne Applebaum, journalist & author described the book as “a serious, scholarly history of Communist crimes in the Soviet Union, Eastern and Western Europe, China, North Korea, Cambodia, Vietnam, Africa, and Latin America…The Black Book does indeed surpass many of its predecessors in conveying the grand scale of the Communist tragedy, thanks to its authors’ extensive use of the newly opened archives of the Soviet Union and Eastern Europe.”

Martin Malia, writing for the Times Literary Supplement, described the book as “the publishing sensation in France.. detailing Communism’s crimes from Russia in 1917 to Afghanistan in 1989…[it]gives a balance sheet of our present knowledge of Communism’s human costs, archivally based where possible, and otherwise drawing on the best secondary works, and with due allowance for the difficulties of quantification.”

The Council of Europe based its Resolution 1481, which condemned totalitarian communist regimes, upon the figures from the book.

All of this used to be taught in our schools. What happened? Why are the children taught to apologize for the USA and the evil history of communism is not mentioned. And suddenly socialism is highly touted while the propaganda machine is working overtime. You see all through the “Cold War” we thought that the USSR was our enemy. We were only half right. The enemy was Communism and the Communist Party Government which held those people hostage. And that system holds millions of people around the world prisoner today. Why is it being welcomed into our country and why don’t you know it?

But wait a minute, so they have all failed – but what if, just once it was done right? True communism? We need then to look at the values and effects of communism.

Communism promotes a class less, uniform society, where all men and women are placed on the same footing. There are no differences of class, race, religion or even nationality accepted! In theory, there will then be nothing to fight for. As I said initially, this is a nice idea, but trying to implement it is tough and asking people to give up all the things that make them different, is unfair & unrealistic. Simple truth? Every person is special and different in their own way.

Communism kills individual creative thought by making a person do and be only what they are told. In short, it has the very real result of ending creativity and original thinking. Many of the greatest advances in history arose from individual creativity and enterprise, and while self serving, they ultimately benefited all society. Unlike the communist/socialist model, in which people can afford to shirk their work; in capitalism, traits such as laziness, impracticality and inefficiency, are penalized. Not that the “free market” system is perfect but capitalism is a social system that values ability, skills, hard work, intelligence, discipline and achievement, thus, inspiring people to work more.

The creep of the socialist agenda is evident in many areas. The ever growing cancer of entitlements and the administration’s references to “redistribution of wealth” are serious indicators. For over 200 years people have flocked to this great country because here we have the freedom to actually OWN property, a business, and your life choices. We can not allow these freedoms to be stolen from us by slight of hand as we look the other way.

Wake up America. Investigate, study, and vote your opinion. You count, but only when you are counted. Open discussions with others and seek out the like minded. One becomes two, two become four, four – eight, etc. It is time to first be, and then to hold others, accountable.

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