Cooked in the Squat

Well, you know coming into it….sounding like that it CAN’T be good! So, let me tell you a little story.

We all love a good story, and for that matter, we love a good storyteller. That’s what drives some of us to write, and some to act or sing.

One of this country’s most well known story-tellers is Zig Ziglar. Here is a guy who came from poverty, and took an occupation frowned upon my most and came out a true winner in all ways. But you know what Zig would say to that.

I’m sure he’d say, It’s not the circumstances that you’re given, but what you DO with the circumstances you are given! Without a doubt. Zig is well known throughout the world as the number one salesman, number one sales trainer
and number one motivational speaker. And not to mention as the number one husband of a certain redhead!

One of the best things about his stories is they all have a point. What used to be called a moral. And no one ever had to ask what is the moral of the story, because it was always right out there……poking at you. Does not matter what walk of life you are in Zig will turn you on or, if you are a little uptight in your thinking, he’ll turn you off.

Ol’ Zig (as he calls himself) was born in dirt poor southern Alabama and grew up in Yazoo City, Mississippi. And as this story of his youth tells it, in those
depression days there was often little to eat at home. He, and probably a few other enterprising youngsters learned to hang around the homes where there WAS something to put on the table.

Apparently there was such a home near, where he was welcome to ‘join in’ from time to time at meals. It was there he got to know Maude, the cook. She was not only a great cook but her baking skills were legendary.

One day Zig was there waiting for a set of her biscuits to come out of the oven. When they did both he and Maude were surprised. They were plain old flat. They had failed to raise up the way her biscuits always did.

He looked at them, looked at the cook, looked back at the flat cooked dough as asked, Maude, what happened to your biscuits? And the way he describes it you can just imagine this southern cook just raring back and laughing to say,
Well, Zig, it’s like this. They squatted to rise, but got cooked in the squat!

We look around us each and every day and see people like that. Instead of rising up to a task, they squatted to rise and got cooked in the squat! It has even happened to all of us from time to time. But those who make a career of it….

You see them in every situation. They spend so much time getting ready to go, that they wind up staying home. The preparations they make for a job are fantastic, but they wind up on the shelf with all the others.

What earthly good is it to be so ready for your ship to come in that you forgot to send one out! Humans learn by doing, not by planning. No don’t go out there in the world without a plan and tell them all that Chris Stephenson taught you not to plan. No, No, You need to Plan Your Work, AND Work Your Plan.

Now understand something. These people have all the right reasons for failure. Let’s be realistic now. They will tell you exactly how it is.

Here we are at the end of October and I am ready to get started, but you know with Thanksgiving coming up fast and little Jimmy needs help with his math. I’m ready now but I think, well, after turkey day will be perfect.

You know I’m eager to run with this. Now that T-day is past I’m prepared to fly, but, well Christmas and New Year and Chanukah are so close…let’s wait a bit.

All right now’s the time. The holidays are past and all that stuff is over. I am soooo ready. The one thing bother me right now is the weather. You know they are saying after 3 easy winters we are really in for it this year. And you
know the family relies on me, if there is any snow or ice. Hey I’ll tell you what, it won’t be but a month or two and it will be over. Why don’t we wait a little on this.

And the next thing you know it is spring break, got to get away. Then Easter, then the kids get out of school and I need family time, etc. etc. etc.

They squatted to rise and got cooked in the squat! And they get nowhere in life, and it’s not their fault. After all, they were getting ready.

So then my friends, WHEN?
If not NOW, WHEN?
If not you, WHO?
I understand, it’s Thursday….wouldn’t Monday be? No?
OK, you’re right. I get right on it tomorrow.
NOW or no.

Till next time. Good luck and God Bless. Remember, IdeasWIN, develop yours.

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Posted 10-26-2000

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