Cramer’s Black Friday/Cyber Monday Message

I don’t know if you are among those who watch ‘crazy’ Jim Cramer’s TV show Mad Money on CNBC but it is wild. After watching it once or twice I went out and bought two of his books: Jim Cramer’s Real Money and Getting Back to Even. Real eye openers when it comes to truly understanding money and what makes the stock market work.

I would recommend them to anyone who wants a better understanding of how our monetary system works or has an interest in how stocks are valued. I particularly like him because he is a realist. Not the kind that thinks it’s all going to hell – but a realist in that it is possible to be bearish in some areas and bullish in others, and that conserving & making money are possible in nearly any economic climate.

Some of you may be tired of my rants about money, debt, and all of that. Sorry, but it seems that most people still have no grasp of financial realities and risks. On 11-28-11 Cramer talked at length about the world economic situation and how to understand credit. The video is in two parts: at least watch the first one and you will get his point, the second video gives a little more depth.

The video will not embed here for me so I have provided a link to The Blaze post that has both videos available. Do yourself and your family a favor, watch and listen.

Cramer: We‘re ’Two Stages From a Financial Collapse

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2 Responses to Cramer’s Black Friday/Cyber Monday Message

  1. Joyce Zoumas says:

    I watch Mad Money every night. Great show.

  2. C says:

    He is a wild man! If you don’t learn when watching him it is because you are having too much fun!

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