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There has been a bunch of noise from all the “talking heads” over Dr. Benjamin S. Carson’s noteworthy speech at the National Prayer Breakfast. Among the things I find most irritating in this world is so-called leaders telling me what I ought to think about what so-and-so said. It seems that the ‘intelligentsia’ of our times actually thinks we are to  dumb to reason for ourselves.

Benjamin Solomon “Ben” Carson, Sr. (born 9-19-51) is a neurosurgeon and the Director of Pediatric Neurosurgery at Johns Hopkins Hospital. He was awarded the Presidential Medal of Freedom, the highest civilian award in the United States, by President George W. Bush in 2008.

Here is my suggestion to you: watch/listen to Dr. Carson’s speech for yourself. Then decide, for yourself, what you think. All by your itty bitty self. Now I know that at nearly 28 minutes long, this speech may really tax your attention span. If you feel overwhelmed or perhaps unable to continue without consulting, or Wikipedia, please feel free to pause the video and return when ready.


So, now that you have managed to plod through this massive and weighty speech. Do you have an opinion? One of your own? To that point allow me to ask you a couple of questions, and please feel free to take as long digesting these as you personally require.

  1. At about minute 2:40 – Do you agree that people often completely miss the point?
  2. At about minute 4:05 – If you can speak up, shouldn’t you?
  3. At about minute 5:10 –  Are we being muzzled on important issues?
  4. From about minute 7:15 till 9:45 – Did his mother have it right or wrong?
  5. At about minute 10:45 – Do children today have more knowledge than in the past?
  6. At minute 12:30 – What is more important, winning or solving problems?

I could go on, after all that’s just taken us to the halfway point of the video. But then I might be at risk being accused of trying tell you what to think about this whole thing. 

So, here’s the thing. Educate yourself, because you are being educated whether you direct it or not. Listen carefully to what is being said – not by the critics, they don’t matter. Listen to opinions, measure them against actions, and then make up your own mind about people in power and the direction things are going.

Now one final question.

Does Dr. Benjamin S. Carson make sense to you, or not?

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2 Responses to Intelligent Commentary

  1. J says:

    Just finished watching the video of Dr Ben Carson giving his speech at the National Prayer Breakfast. Almost didn’t though because of the introduction to the video…..Felt that the terms “itty bitty self” and “taxing my attention span” were sarcastic and certainly a turn off for me. However since I know the author and never have found sarcasm to be his method of attracting attention, inspiring curiousity, or creating the desire in others to learn more….I continued.
    My husband and I watched and listened and enjoyed the speech. There weren’t any vocabulary problems, his points were all well taken and noteworthy. His references were solid in my opinion- his anecdotes encouraged me to listen even
    closer and I agreed with him. In fact tomorrow I shall contact out library and try to get a copy of his book- America the Beautiful, read it and learn more from this interesting man….. the educational info about 6th graders knowledge in the past compared to today’s education intrigues me.
    The follow-up specifying timed questions about the speech went over my head— without advance warning that certain parts of the speech would be singled out and
    challenged I missed minutes 2:40; 4:05; 5:10 and so on as separate items and just listened.
    Did we miss an important point, a message, a warning alert ?? don’t remember seeing anything in our newspapers or TV reports of a commotion concerning the breakfast speech, no challenges to his message or references to his personal spirituality. I did not recognize anyone telling me how to listen, how to think or how to interpret the speech, is there a portion missing ???
    Would this speech have made a different impression if we were more involved in the political world– is “PC” an important virtue of the generations so much younger than ourselves ?? Just because time has slipped through our fingers does not mean that we accept everything we are told instead we often ‘get in trouble’ for thinking outside the box, rocking the boat or what ever term you use to explain away a difference of thoughts and actions that might inconvenience the majority. What was the hidden message in this speech that we completely missed……
    Don’t know

  2. C says:

    I must say, at first I found your comment rather perplexing. But then I realized that my post was written with a mind to people who had been inundated with the negative reactions of those “talking heads” who spent so much time downplaying Dr. Carson’s statements & opinions and how inappropriate they obviously were. I find myself incensed when political expediency is used to trump common sense.

    My point in picking out specific parts of the speech was precisely because those were the areas of thought that could help change this country for the better if taken seriously, and that (in my opinion) the vast majority of Americans are in 100% agreement with. The highlighted points can be reviewed simply by fast forwarding, rewinding and/or pausing the video at the specific time by dragging the point of play ‘button’ to wherever on the timeline you wanted it to be.

    The reason you did not read/hear many references to Dr. Carson’s speech is simple. The mainstream media have mostly ignored it, except in the instances where it has been spoken highly of by the non-mainstream media or a radical right wing ‘talking head’. You can usually find out what is important these days by paying attention to what is carefully avoided. This simple process that is highly effective: ignore until you have no choice, then do not address the facts or statements, instead demonize the speaker or the individual reporting it. Standard Operating Procedure in some quarters.

    I agree about the impression you have of the speech and about the PC world. Unfortunately a large part of the world we live in is controlled by the PC movement, by multiculturalism, situational ethics and by (what I would call) left wing radical socialists. No, you did not miss the message in Dr. Carson’s speech and it was not hidden to you, but it was missed by many as it was hidden from them. The one thing I truly attempt to do with this blog is to shine the light on things that should not be overlooked. I am thrilled to have corroboration that I have indeed accomplished that.

    Thank you for your comment.

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