Eating Habits

As we have moved in the direction of healthy eating habits and further away from the habits of the past that have brought us to onset physical troubles, it behooves us to attempt to explain it to those we love. So here goes – one more time.

I am in the process of reading The Food Matters Cook Book by Mark Bittman. See it here:

Here are some of his thoughts about why food matters.

The average American eats a half pound of meat each and every day, but no one (least of all me) is suggesting you become a vegetarian. Just aim for less, a pound or two a week. Start thinking about fish. poultry, meat, eggs, and dairy the way traditional cultures do: as a garnish, seasoning, or treat – almost as a condiment. When used as a flavoring ingredient rather than as the focus of the meal, a little meat goes a long way.

So that’s the how. Looking at it that way it is simple and easy to do. But what about the why?

In the course of the national healthcare debate, more and more people – including outspoken people in the big insurance companies, Big Pharma, and even Big Foods – were seeing the link between diet and major health issues like obesity, diabetes, and heart disease. By some calculations, at least 70% of the calories Americans eat come from food that is either animal based or highly processed. That leaves less than 30% that comes from what we used to call natural or whole foods – meaning fruits, vegetables, whole grains, and legumes. Frankly I think these numbers are conservative; the USDA shows that Americans get about 5% of their daily calories from fresh fruit and vegetables. Our overcomsumption of processed food leads to:heart disease, stroke, diabetes, and certain cancers now showing up like never before.

Well there is no point in copying the entire book here, all I want to do is help what we are doing be understood a little better. I trust it works.

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