The English Language

The English Language has taken a terrible beating in the hands of Americans, that is, according to the Brits. A veritable tongue lashing I dare say.

Be that as it may, in the last decade or two language usage here in the states has been sorely brutalized. For those of us who write, whether it be letters (who does that?) blog posts, email, tweets, articles or for those aspiring to even greater things, grammar, punctuation, and proper usage are extremely important.

I submit to you that unless we bring that sense of importance into our speech habit as well, the level of language will be so ‘dumbed’ down in the next few years as to be unrecognizable. If any of this matters to you at all, allow me to recommend an article to you from It is titled:

45 ways to avoid using the word ‘very’

While the piece is directed to writers, just think of how a few little knowledge bits such as this could improve our speaking. Now don’t get me wrong – I break the rules in my writing and my speaking very often. But if we are as aware of these things as we were when taught them in High School, it would be one more step in the right direction. The other choice is another slip down, in the wrong direction.

At the very least  – it’s worth the read. I hope you agree.

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