Family Time

When I was a teenager my family was the typical American family, we had 853 activities each week that pulled the four of us in different directions constantly. We had baseball, softball, basketball, soccer, friends, family obligations, business meetings and functions, youth group and so on. It seemed like we never had time to just be together and do anything as a family. Now don’t get me wrong, I was a teenager and I was fine with that.

My Dad on the other hand didn’t like it. So he devised a plan that forced us to spend time together. He decided that Sundays were “family day” and we were not allowed to do anything on Sunday’s until after 5pm. It didn’t matter if we had a sports game scheduled that day or if my friends wanted me to go to the shore with them or anything else for that matter. Sunday’s were to be spent just the four of us doing something together.

I absolutely HATED the idea!

We went to the beach together, the movies, the mall, Dorney Park, Great Adventure, New York City, the Poconos mountains, we played monopoly, payday, risk, etc… it was absolutely AWFUL!

Of course just as my evil father planned, some of my fondest memories occurred on those Sundays. I look back now and realize just how important that time was for me personally and for my family in general. I believe that those Sunday’s saved our family from being torn apart and making us all strangers living in the same household.

Do you have any family time in your house? It doesn’t matter if it’s you and your spouse or you and your child, it doesn’t matter if you spend the day playing board games or touring the local historical buildings. Just shut of the TV, the Xbox, the cell phones and the computer (yes that means stop reading this blog for a few hours!) and spend some time with those that really matter to you.

There is going to come a time when you won’t be able to spend as much time with those that you love because life will get in the way so MAKE the time now while you still can. No matter how loudly those in your family protest it will be worth every single minute.

If you google events in your local area there are sure to be a ton of activities in your area that you can go to that won’t even cost a lot of money. You have no idea how many town fairs, festivals, arts & crafts show and the like that I toured as a teenager!

My parents have been telling me how quickly my time with my children will go and I didn’t believe them but I swear it was yesterday that my oldest son came home from hospital as a newborn and in less than a month he starts high school!

Make every precious minute count!

Until Next Time…


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