Michael Moore

There are few people in the world that I disagree with more than Michael Moore. That being said, allow me to offer this powerful quote. As they say, ‘even a broken clock is right twice a day.’

This started out as a documentary on gun violence in America, but the largest mass murder in our history was just committed – without the use of a single gun! Not a single bullet fired! No bomb was set off, no missile was fired,  no weapon (i.e., a device that was solely and specifically manufactured to kill humans) was used. A boxcutter! – I can’t stop thinking about this. A thousand gun control laws would not have prevented this massacre. What am I doing? – Michael Moore. a left-wing comedian directing a movie lobbying for additional gun control.

Quotation taken from The Bias Against Guns by John R. Lott Jr. This post was originally published online at Moore’s website:  http://www.michaelmoore.com/2011_0922.html. As oft occurs, this currently unpopular opinion has since been removed from the site, but it’s more difficult to remove it from a hard copy book. In that sense we have not quite reached the 1984 of George Orwell.

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