Happy Father’s Day

To all you Dads and Grandfathers and Dads to be out there: Happy Father’s Day!

So often we see in movies, etc. that Father’s Day means a tie or cologne, or some other mostly meaningless gesture. What a waste of so awesome an opportunity! When we look back on our life & memories, what are the things we remember? It certainly isn’t the tie, is it? The most powerful memories are the ones build through time spent with the truly important people in our lives.

Have you ever looked back at pictures you took on vacation 10 or even 20 years ago? About half of them were of empty scenery that caught our attention at the time. And years later, we often can’t even recall why we took the picture. But any picture that has a person who is part of our life in it retains meaning forever. The scene is no longer forgotten or empty – it is the essence of memory.

If you want to have memories that mean something – do something memorable together.

Saturday was spent building a powerful memory for my son, grandsons and myself. And it is one I know I will treasure forever. Why? Because for us, it was a new and unique adventure. You see the four of us spent the better part of the day shooting people (including occasionally each other) with Paint Balls! Now, I know that this might not be for everyone…..but we had an absolute ball! And the thing that made it a tremendous experience was so much more than the thrill of the game. It was the fact that we were doing it all together, fathers and sons. We were experiencing life and dirt and thrills and even a little pain, together, as family.

That’s what counts in life. Living it, and sharing it with those who you love. Glorious! Thanks Eric, Sam and Noah for a powerful memory and for loving me. Know that you are deeply loved.

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