How do you balance your life?

In this busy world we live in there are constantly 5, 10 or even 20 different things that all need your attention and of course they are all TOP PRIORITY MUST DO 10 MINUTES AGO type items. No way can this stuff be put off or scheduled later.

So what do you do to make sure the stuff that has to get done is done and the stuff that can be rescheduled is handled at a later time?

In my life, I have found that I have to spend 4 to 6 hours on Saturday handling the inevitable paperwork that accumulates from my sales job. If I don’t spend that time over the weekend I just get farther and farther behind and eventually have to spend an entire day during the week doing that stuff instead of seeing customers. I can’t afford that…I only get paid when I get in front of customers and they buy the items that I sell.
Consistently spending that time is proving to be somewhat of a challenge with the soccer games and practices, football games and practices, trap shoots, house maintenance, vehicle maintenance and scout camping trips.

This past weekend was the perfect example, my son’s boy scout troop went camping and I of course went with them (camping trips are what makes scouting special…its where theory meets actual…it’s where the boys meet God and realize that they CAN DO). On Saturday they went on a hike and I thought okay great I can spend that time working my paperwork so I dragged my laptop, and 6 inches of paperwork with me on the trip.

Saturday morning we get up at 7:30 and the multiple hour process of cooking, eating and cleaning up from breakfast begins. They finally finish up and begin their hike around 11, the minute they walk out of the campsite I drag out my work and start digging in. Things are going pretty smoothly, I get through my customer updates, I finish up documenting the results of my schedule last week and just about finish creating my schedule for this week…Oh crap! They are back early.

They got back around 1:30 because they had some younger scouts with them who were getting tired and hungry. So I put my work aside to help with lunch and the afternoon program and literally the next thing I know it’s 10pm Sunday night, I am thoroughly exhausted and fall asleep on the couch.

Which means that it is now almost lunch on Monday and I have 26 tasks for today which doesn’t include the 18 customer/prospects visits I have scheduled for today. 60% of my tasks are leftover from the weekend and either mean I have to miss some customer visits or work tonight until 1 or 2 am to get caught up so it doesn’t impact the rest of my week.
I completely understand that I am not alone in having this mountain of work hanging over my head, which is actually why I am writing this today…how do you balance your life?

How do you get your work done without missing out on your children’s activities, the home maintenance, the auto maintenance, the time with friends to catchup, time with your spouse?

I recently backed off of several activities in my life that had lots of value and personal satisfaction because I needed to focus more time and energy on building my customer list. While that was definitely the right decision and I am beginning to see the dividends from it…I find myself back in the same position where “other stuff” in my life has increased its pull on my life so I am almost pulling my hair out again!

Please give me your thoughts, tell me how you are handling similar situations in your life?

Until Next Time…


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One Response to How do you balance your life?

  1. C says:

    The answer to this complex question is personal and detailed. But for the sake of other readers I would like to list my basic thoughts. Comments are more than welcome.

    There are only three things you can do when it comes to ‘getting it all done’ and not letting the most important things ‘slip through the cracks.’ They are:

    Organize: streamline procedures, prioritize (value) tasks
    Eliminate: drop the lowest value items or re-value them
    Delegate: can it be done (or done better) by another?

    From my own life experience, I add the following to this list:

    Motivate: to conquer the beast EVERY DAY you need a strong need that is ‘in your face’ constantly. More than a goal, it must be a result.
    Mentoring: two kinds of advise are most helpful here; First: the knowledge of someone who has done it and wants you to succeed. Second: general advise from someone completely outside the ‘skill’ area can offer you a totally different and fresh insight.

    Hopefully this can help.

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