I Love My Life!

I know it might sound corny or contrite or frankly unbelievable but I actually have come to love my life.

How you might wonder?

It’s very simple: I decided to.

It wasn’t easy, it has been a battle for a couple of years now but that is really what happened. I decided to love my life.

I love the warm sunny days.

I love the cold winter nights.

I love when my boys do what is right because it is right.

I love the days when they do what is convenient regardless of the rightness.

I love when my wife surprises me with a special meal even though she worked a 12 hour day.

I love it when my wife forgets to get gas in her car and I get to drive it next.

I love it when a new customer is happy with our service.

I love it when an existing customer leaves due to our poor service.

I could go on for days! I chose sometime ago to truly enjoy my life for the first time and to embrace everything that happens to me or around me regardless of whether its “good” or “bad.”

Don’t think I am one of those incessantly smiling positive do-gooders we all run away from, I am not. I am just a guy that is working hard on himself and his family and has decided that since we only get one go round in this world I want to smile a little and enjoy it.
It’s easy to get grumpy and nasty and bitter but I was always taught that the good things in life come from hard work and sacrifice and not from taking the easy way out.

There are days when it is hard to love my life but on those days is when I grow the most because I have decided that on those days I will not only love my life but I will share that joy with others. So if you happen to see me walking down the street one day and I run up to you and pick you up in a big bear hug and give a big old belly laugh…realize that I had been having a pretty lousy day prior to that!

Unfortunately I don’t know who the author of this quote is but I love it: “Keep smiling and let the rest of the world wonder what you are up to!”.

How about you? Do you want to love your life? Do you want to lay down at the end of your road tire and weary but completely satisfied that you did everything you possibly could to squeeze every last little bit of joy and happiness out of this world?

If so, then make a decision to love your life and then ACT ON IT!

How do you act on it?

When you are angry, smile and say a kind word.

When you get dumped on at work, smile and ask if there is more you can do.

When your kids forget to do their homework, smile and ask if you can help them with it.

When your spouse forgets to get gas in the car, smile, fill up the tank and get the car
washed for them.

When your best friend betrays you, smile and say a prayer for their immortal soul.

It really is as simple as making the decision and then acting on it.

Until Next Time…


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