It’s Not Fair

I had an interesting thing happen to me tonight at a scout meeting I was attending. It kind of stuck with me so I figured I would pass it on and see if it makes an impression on you all as much as it did on me.

So several of the adults are standing around outside while the meeting is going on discussing something and one of the younger scouts comes out of the meeting and goes and kind of hides behind some of the vehicles in the parking lot. All of the adult’s kind of look at each other and one of us decided to go over and talk with the scout to see what he was up to.

After a few minutes the leader and the scout come walking over and it quickly becomes apparent that the scout left the meeting and was leaving scouting because he was tired of constantly being picked on. Now any of you reading this that have been in scouting know that as soon as a leader hears anything about being picked on or bullied it gets our attention.

The scout tells us in very animated detail about how several of the other scouts were being mean to him and how much he hates scouting and he was going to walk home and never come back. After we calmed him down a little we found out who else was involved in this situation and we each took one of the scouts aside and discussed the situation with them and got their perspective.

Well as you might surmise, it turns out that the scout who was leaving the meeting was the initiator of the situation and got very offended and mortally wounded when the other scouts started giving it back to him. The situation was very quickly resolved and hopefully won’t occur again…Yeah I know I’m dreaming!

But the reason I am writing this is because this little event caused me to start thinking about events in my own life and in the lives of those around me.

At various times I encounter situations very similar to this when dealing with adults and business owners and leaders of various professional organizations. I am sure you can all think back to an event not too long ago where you had to mediate a situation very similar.
When did we become a society of thin-skinned emotional teenagers? When did it become okay to dish out whatever we wanted and cry when the other person began giving it back to us?
When did it become a society of “that’s not FAIR!” with the required stomping of the foot?
I don’t remember reading anywhere in the Bible, my school books, or any of the hundreds of books I have read over the years that said life was going to be fair! If anything, I have been taught the exact opposite…life is NOT fair so get over it and do what you have to do anyway!

It’s one thing when a 12 year old is upset because he didn’t get his way…it’s a completely different thing when a 40 year old is upset by the same thing.

…It’s not fair that unemployment runs out after ONLY 2 years!

….It’s unfair that I have to actually contribute to my own medical benefits!

…It’s unfair that the Jone’s live in that big house!

….It’s unfair that he has 2 dollars and I only have 1!

And on and on and on.

How about this for a change, get off your backside and earn your own keep and then maybe you won’t be so worried about how “fair” everything is!

Until Next Time…


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One Response to It’s Not Fair

  1. C says:

    I wish I could answer the question unasked: Why has this happened?

    Somewhere alone the way a generation of ‘victims’ rose up into evidence. Thankfully it is certainly not universal, and it is also not confined to just one narrow age group. It seems as if a segment of our society ‘learned’ that they could get over by playing the victim card. It has become the new ‘race’ card. And like that, it works because there are plenty of real victims just as there is still plenty of discrimination.

    What can we do about it? Don’t let people get away with it when it’s crap. Call them on the BS, and refuse to participate in the game they are running – and most of all: don’t allow ourselves to fall into the trap of playing the victim, even when we are. Take personal, individual responsibility for yourself, your life, your attitude and your future.

    We fall down. We all fall down. But we only need keep getting up to win, no matter how tough the battle. Forget yesterday, and don’t worry about tomorrow – just get back up today, right now. That’s really all it takes.

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