Leadership at Home?

I spend a lot of time on the blog lamenting the condition of our nation and our world. One of the reasons I do that is a personal belief that the solution to all the troubles lies within each of us. It is clear to me that we can fix the world if we can just fix ourselves, and that the only true solutions are brought about through individual responsibility within ourselves and in our homes.

I recently read and then listened to a little book by John G. Miller, author of QBQ! The Question Behind the Question. I felt it so powerful that I have recommended it to several of my friends and family. And now I have come across this terrific post by John G. Miller on Michael Hyatt’s blog. Let me give you a feel for it….

Leadership at home is captured in this statement: My child is a product of my parenting. Any other view of parenting is irresponsible folly. Excuse-making is never part of a leader’s world. The unaccountable parent who goes to work and criticizes others for acting entitled, fails to ask, “Am I creating entitled children at home?”

And that led me to a closely related post on the same blog by Kelly Combs, here is the teaser….

The future is in our hands. My kids will grow up and leave home one day. My job is to prepare them for that. I won’t always be around to rescue them or give advice. I mentor them now, with the goal that they will know what they should do, even when I’m not around to tell them. A good leader trains his people well, because he knows the importance of raising up new leaders.

I strongly urge you to read both articles in full. You can access them by clicking on the linked words. The future has been put in our hands, it’s time we each grabbed a tight hold on it, and pushed it in the direction we want it to go.


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One Response to Leadership at Home?

  1. C says:

    I want to follow this article up with a crucial thought.

    In an email newsletter I just received i found the headline “Hatred growing in our nation.” We all see it too, don’t we? I want to go on record: I am strongly opposed to the idea that Hate is an proper response to anything. There is no hatred in justice, nor in disagreement or opposition. There is no hatred in being of a different faith, or political party, or race. At least there is not on my part.

    I believe in discourse. I stand up for my opinions and expect you to do the same, and if we stand toe to toe in opposition I will still encourage you to hold firm to your ideas & ideals, as I will to mine. And if one of us shows the other something that sways them, it will only be because it is more right and it will only be because of that open hate free discourse. It is clearly time we brought communication back out of the closet some of the ‘back room boys’ have pushed it into. I hope you will join me in this. Together we can save the world. How? Read the two articles recommended above and start talking about your feelings and opinions.

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