Life Is Too Short to Dance With Ugly Women!

Some 25 years ago a female business associate of mine, a rather feisty and spunky lady to be sure, made that statement from stage. Of course, that was before a nearly hysterical level of ‘political correctness’ became the law of the land. The comment drew hearty laughs and none of the criticism that it might these days.

Today the reality of our true lack of control over our situation was driven home to me. The son in law of a close friend passed away at the rather young age of 30. This young father of four was diagnosed with ALS less than two years ago and only 5 weeks ago was able to attend and enjoy the wedding of his wife’s sister, although in a wheelchair.

This is not the first time I have lost a friend or relative before it seemed they had a chance to really live. They say the older you get the more people you know who die. I am sure we all have had this sort of experience. After all, as Emerson, Lake & Palmer pointed out in song, “Death is Life.” We are not promised tomorrow. And yet we continue to live as though we were.

“Life is too short to dance with ugly women.” It’s true! And it is too short to go every day to a job that is eating you alive, and it is too short to moan about the weather or a million other things. As Zig Ziglar says, “There is no such thing as bad weather. Just different kinds of good weather.”

There is so much to live for and yet we wallow in self pity sometimes. Yes, it’s tough out there. Life is tough sometimes – but it’s worth it! Look for the sunshine and it’s there. Look for the clouds, and they are there too.

You know, in this blog I vent my frustrations about things a lot. But no matter how tough things look I am aware that life is sweet. I see the love that people share and the joy that children have. There is so much real sweetness about life, but you have to let it in. Don’t look for the rain, unless you are a farmer. Expect the best and it will reveal itself to you.

Sure, when something is wrong shine the light on it. Then focus on the fix, not the problem. And then remember to move on to the good things and point them out too. You’ll be glad you did, and so will every one around you. Live, and love it all. Live like there’s no tomorrow. Because for some of us, there isn’t. Spread joy when and where you can.

Bloom where you are planted and we will fill the world with the sweet fragrance of how we choose to be.

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