My America – The Country I Grew Up In

I have the truly great joy of being a Grandfather. One of the best things about that, is the ability ‘observe’ from a place of generational experience. And I must admit that I view the America that they are growing up in with a mix of feelings and indeed, some trepidation.

So let me tell you about My America. America, the melting pot of the world – and proud of it! And we have, and have always had, so very much to be proud of.

Our country is a huge ‘mashup’. That’s why Hitler & his Aryan Nation and the “god who is a human being, Emperor Hirohito” were so sure that we either would not enter WWII (Pearl Harbor was supposed to emasculate the country to guarantee that) or would not stand a chance against Hitler’s Pure Race soldiers or the army of Japan whose soldiers saw themselves as executors of the emperor’s sacred will. After all, we had Jews and Negroes and Italians and Irish (and everybody else) in our army! Lots of reasons to be proud of what we did there. Check history.

Out of My America came the Industrial Revolution and the thirst for progress (yes, to a fault – but) that has given us the highest standard of living in the world. We were proud to set ourselves up as the policeman of the world (again to a fault) did some real good in the world. Yes, I will be the first to admit the we did some real evil in the name of good and we are still learning. As long as we remember that the end does not determine the means – we will come out ok.

In My America we were all about fostering equality and stamping out prejudice. We made huge strides in overcoming some terrible pollution problems and adored our National Parks and Conservation efforts. We have led the ‘space race’ after the first couple of years and we got the USSR to tear down the Berlin Wall.

My America set up the UN on our sovereign soil to help take a better world. Every once in a while you see some idiot claim that the US actually owes the UN money. Take a closer look at the UN Charter and ALL the facts. In the latter part of the 1990’s the US spent nearly $15 Billion on UN international peacekeeping efforts. Under archaic assessment schedules (unchanged since 1972) the United States pays 25% of the UN’s administrative budget, currently about $300 million a year, and 31.7% of the peacekeeping budget, more than $1 billion annually in recent years (New York Times).

My America is the good guys in the white hats, we are number one in the world. We make and have made plenty of mistakes – but certainly no more than any other nation. For all the errors we have done more good than anyone else. We constantly work at self-correction and have no need to apologize, or bow & scrape to ANYONE.

WE are not proponents of slavery, but we have not tried to ‘edit’ our guilt out of our history as so many seem to be willing to do about the Holocaust or the Genocide in the Ukraine, Rwanda, Bosnia or Darfur. We, in My America are not Indian abusers/killers, but our ancestors were explorers/colonizers like representatives of every country at that time. Did we push out Native Americans? Yes. Were they the peaceful, kind and loving people that some would have us believe? Some were. But some weren’t. Again, not our brightest hour, and we know it. But we do not have to continue to be held accountable for the wrongs of the past. Let’s be vigilant against similar errors here and now.

In My America, America the Beautiful, we have so much to be proud about that we love & respect our country and Salute the Flag out of respect. My America is not one back in the ’40s, ’50s, ’60s, or whenever. My America is here and now and I stand tall in defense of her. I hope & pray that you do too.

I am proud to teach my Grandsons that they live in the same magnificent country that I did and do. You see my challenges lie with the government, not the country, and unlike so many today – I am fully able to separate the two. For as long as the politicians and the ‘authorized’ politically correct schoolbooks avoid our greatness it will remain the DUTY of true patriots to ensure the patriots of tomorrow. How? Just tell them the truth.

Merry Christmas America – I Love You.

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