Never Quit and You Will Never Fail

Life ain’t easy and life ain’t fair!

Truer words have never been spoken. When God created us he created in us the desire to strive, to yearn for more and the ability to work our butts off to achieve. He did not hand us everything on a silver platter, he designed our world so we would have to struggle, adapt and overcome.

Why then do so many people fail in life? If we have the ability inside us to accomplish whatever we set our minds and hearts to, why do so many fall short?


They decide the road is too hard

They decide that it’s easy to be mediocre.

They choose to watch hours and hours of TV instead of reading a book.

They choose to sit in a bar wallowing in their drinks instead of doing some of the hard

They choose to let the government pay their bills instead of carving out a niche for

They let their mothers clean up after them when they are 40.

They read the National Inquirer instead of Think and Grow Rich.

They put a needle in their arm instead of running shoes on their feet.

They put a rack of ribs in their mouth instead of a salad.

They choose to stay down instead of getting up one more time.

What does it take to succeed in this life? What does it mean to never quit? How do we get up every morning and keep going no matter what?

The answer is simple, please note that I did not say easy I said simple:

Stand up one more time than you fall.

No matter what obstacles are put in your way, just stand up one more time.

No matter how bad your addictions are, stand up one more time and seek some help.

No matter how much easier quitting would be, stand up one more time.

No matter how many people tell you that you are not good enough, stand up one more time.

No matter how easy it is to just cash that government check when it arrives, stand up one more time.

We, the human race, are the most incredible creations on this planet. We have overcome extermination attempts, serial killers, natural disasters, man-made catastrophes, plagues, and so much more and you can to…just stand up one more time.

During World War II, Britain was being attacked almost daily. Many thousands of their citizens were dead, many more thousands were homeless due to the bombings and most of their buildings had been destroyed. The moral of the citizens was basically non-existent; most of them would have gladly given up and surrendered to just stop the bombing.

Winston Churchill was the Prime Minister at the time and he gave a speech on the radio, he did not hide the fact that things weren’t going so well but he didn’t give up. He continued to fight, he got up one more time. His speech was a turning point for the British, because of that speech the people clung to their hopes and dreams for just a little longer. They didn’t give up, they didn’t QUIT…they kept on fighting.

Listen to his speech, really listen to it and remember…stand up one more time!

Until Next Time…


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