Never Waste A Good Crisis

Never waste a good crisis or leading with the cattle prod of FEAR. The political expedience of causing panic in the public arena.

Growing older has a couple of things to be said for it. Not many, mind you, but there are a couple. One of the best parts of piling on the years is the perspective you gain. As you are more able to take the ‘long view’ there are things that become obvious that went unnoticed when they occurred.

Let’s talk about “End of the World” scare tactics. They have a few things in common. There is often a cool ‘catch phrase’ or nickname that is used to catch the public’s attention. Y2K was a really cool one!

Usually there is a kernel of truth deep inside the greater created public offering, just enough for the casual researcher can point to and say “this is real.” The idea is spread with nearly religious fervor by the ‘establishment’ and anyone who takes a different view is immediately and publicly eviscerated, ostracized, and then crushed – usually by character assassination.

I’m sure you have witnessed this pattern. Any one questioning or making skeptical comments is labeled a hater, phobic, and/or fanatic denier. After one or two examples people become all the wiser and stop having opinions. Open discussion is not politically expedient, after all, consider your career!

We are told millions will die, so then politicians get involved, tons of money spent & bureaucracy is created. This gives good buddies jobs and makes some companies loads of cash. Then a few years later it is glossed over or totally ignored by the media when the predicted tragedy does not happen.

Here are just a few of the bigger scares over the last 50 years propagated by media, politicians, business, and special interest groups.


The Coming Ice Age



Overpopulation & ZPG (Zero Population Growth)



Demonizing DDT care of Silent Spring



Global Hunger



Global Pandemic



All these scares had the same commonalities mentioned above. And they were all blown way out of proportion. I realize that these YouTube videos do not cover ALL the data, but I bet they told you stuff you did not know too.

Now there is a reason I have brought all this up. I don’t know where you stand on ‘Global Warming’ (recently renamed ‘climate change’) but there are some things you need to see regardless.

When a researcher is vilified by both the global warming deniers and the Al Gore followers, well…..this is someone worth looking into. In 2001, Bjørn Lomborg released an amazingly detailed and studiously researched book entitled: The Skeptical Environmentalist: Measuring the Real State of the World, then in 2007 he released a basic concept book for the non scientist/statistician called: Cool It: The Skeptical Environmentalist’s Guide to Global Warming, and just last month he put out Cool It! the DVD.

I have read both books and recently viewed the movie. You need to see this. No matter your position, seriously. If you hesitate to buy any of them – I get it. No problem, I am sure your local Library has copies of all three.

Find out for yourself. Believe whatever you choose to – but know why you believe it!

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3 Responses to Never Waste A Good Crisis

  1. Pam Burch says:

    Thanks, Chris…always amazing what we are willing to believe, and then what we won’t believe. In the 70’s it was the ice age, remember? I had a college professor who tried his best to make us question all…especially what was in print or what “they say”! Thanks, Dr. Frey. Good blog, Chris.

  2. C says:

    Thanks Pam. And wow, are you right – it is more than amazing. What comes to mind is “duck and cover.” We all laugh about it now, but it was taught and apparently accepted as the way to protect yourself during a nuclear attack. We truly live in ‘the information age’ yet so few are willing to challenge their own preconceptions.

    I am an opinionated person, as those who know me will quickly attest. But I try to maintain informed opinions. Please feel free to disagree with me – then tell me why I am wrong. It does not threaten my ego to be shown ‘the error of my ways.’ I am thrilled to converse with my friends on that basis. Enlighten me.

  3. C says:

    I recently found an interview of Bjorn Lomborg with David Letterman or YouTube. It will give you some insight into the movie & book “Cool It.” Hope you check it out.

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