If you are at all like me, you will not want to believe that this could be a genuine news piece. But it was, dated 2-12-11:

Shed owners warned wire on windows could hurt burglars

Police have told residents to stop putting wire mesh on their garden shed windows – because they could be sued if a burglar is injured.

Please go and read the full news article t the Telegraph website:

We in the US are not quite there yet, but it is close and getting closer each and every day. And if you think this is a one in a million item, you are wrong. Do your own research. Subscribe to This Is True, or for a sampling – TRUE on Twitter: …which is copied to Facebook at as a start.

Previously I gave you an example of Clear Thinking, another of Muddy Thinking, and now this. I actually have a problem categorizing this. It’s worse than Non-Thinking, it is more like Reverse Thinking, Empty Headed Thinking, or to be brutally honest – it is sheer Stupidity. When I read something like this I am not ashamed to tell you – I get hot.

The laws with the intent to protect the unjustly accused have been carried to the extreme point of protecting the criminal and criminalizing the victim. The bleeding heart liberals simply will not allow us to mete out earned justice. Now I know that is a very politically charged statement, but if it is not right on target – please some one tell me – what is?

So let me propose a simple and logical law: It you get injured during the course of committing a crime, so be it. To me it falls under the cost of committing that crime. Perhaps it should be considered as a ‘just reward.’

You may or may not agree with me. But let’s face it, the insanity needs to stop somewhere and this seems like a good place to start.

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