Get Obama Out!

Here is a cute video put together by I think you’ll enjoy it.

If you like this pass it around. We need to remind people who think the way we do that they are not alone. We can change the direction this country is going – it will start with a change in it’s leadership.

Oh, by the way – did you notice the National Debt Clock on the upper right of the page? It is rapidly approaching 16 Trillion, thanks to this administration. Regardless of the fact that they keep pointing the finger to the previous leadership as the culprit. Why sure, the fact that every single thing our president claims to have done to make things better for the ‘average’ American has actually made conditions worse. And what about those terrific campaign promises? Yep, Hope and Change, and don’t forget Transparency.

Can you say Failure? Or Misdirection? Or Untruths? I can.

Oh, and by the way: don’t be swayed by the recent highly publicized numbers from MarketWatch. Can you say Creative Accounting? Here is the “rest of the story:”

“You can only make him look good by ignoring the early years and adopting the hope and not the reality of the years in his budget,” said Holtz-Eakin, a GOP economist and president of the American Action Forum, a free market think tank.

So how does Obama measure up?

If one assumes that TARP and the takeover of Fannie and Freddie by the government as one-time budgetary anomalies and remove them from calculations — an approach taken by Holtz-Eakin — you get the following picture:

–A 9.7 percent increase in 2009, much of which is attributable to Obama.

–A 7.8 percent increase in 2010, followed by slower spending growth over 2011-13. Much of the slower growth reflects the influence of Republicans retaking control of the House and their budget and debt deal last summer with Obama. All told, government spending now appears to be growing at an annual rate of roughly 3 percent over the 2010-2013 period, rather than the 0.4 percent claimed by Obama and the MarketWatch analysis.

That’s the same kind of creative accounting that President Obama used in a recent speech when he claimed that he won in 2008 even though he was greatly ‘outspent’ by the opposition. Now, this is something that is 100% verifiable.

Amazingly, Obama has even been lying about the 2008 campaign, in which is fundraising prowess was a matter of legend (and, until now, a source of considerable pride.)  “The thing that I want everybody here to understand – each of you personally – is that back in 2008, everybody said we couldn’t do it because we were outspent,” Obama claimed in another Ohio speech last Thursday.

No amount of charitable interpretation could possibly decode that statement as anything but an abject lie.  Obama’s fundraising outdid his Republican opponent, John McCain, by more than double – $779 million to $347 million.  He also raised more money than his Democrat primary opponent, Hillary Clinton, by $237 million to $229 million.

Read the full details here. I could go on, but what is the point? If you are actually paying attention to anything outside of the mainstream media, and doing your own fact-checking you know all this and more. As Ronald Reagan said, “Trust, but verify.”

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