Obama Claims To Be Winning The War On Unemployment

President Obama is wooing the American people with the idea that he has and is beating unemployment with his programs. The hope is that we will forget all the other problems in the nation and re-elect him. Are we really that stupid? I hope not. But for those out there who may be persuaded that the President has solved the jobless problem, let’s take a closer look.

On Friday February 3, 2012 the Bureau of Labor Statistics reported that the US unemployment rate had fallen to 8.3 percent.

“Sick of the BLS propaganda? Then do the following calculation with us: using BLS data,”  This is the beginning of an in depth examination and explanation of the numbers posted on the same date February 3, 2012 on the Zero Hedge website.

For all you ever wanted to know about the unemployment numbers and their calculation read the entire post:


The only way to stop the lies is by learning the truth for yourself.

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