OBama’s 2012 SOU

I could not force myself to watch last night. Mr. Obama is the consummate politician and his speech was exactly what I thought it would be, he was campaigning.

He says so many things that just sound great, that sound so right, until you think it all the way through, which only a few people seem willing to do.

It was a long speech and there is much to be discussed about it. Let me suggest that you read a transcript of it, reading the words helps to bring out what is really being said without the emotion elicited by a slick charismatic speaker. It is also worth reading a transcript of the GOP rebuttal speech, and some of the Fact Checking done on the SOU.

For now I want to focus on one statement: Last night, Obama said, “The executive branch also needs to change. Too often, it’s inefficient, outdated and remote. That’s why I’ve asked this Congress to grant me the authority to consolidate the federal bureaucracy so that our Government is leaner, quicker, and more responsive to the needs of the American people.”

He is talking about doing away with the Constitutionally established  format of our government. The “checks and balances” of the system that protect us from tyranny. Those “Cs & Bs” are the only things that protect us from a potential dictator or government sponsored police state.

Make it “leaner, quicker and more responsive” and the people in power can make any changes they want without any input from “We the people” at all. Take a moment and remember how Obama, Reid and Pelosi rammed ‘ObabaCare’ and several other things through without the Nation’s consent before he proposed these changes. What could happen if the President gets his way in this?

Understand me, I am not stating that the people in government are doing this right now. But the things they are doing are pushing us in a direction that will allow that to happen in the future if the wrong person or group of people decide to seize power. Once we start on the slide it becomes nearly impossible to stop – inertia rules without remorse.

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