Opposing Viewpoints

You may have figured out that I am politically somewhere to the right of Genghis Khan. Having been on vacation this last week, I have had the opportunity to be around friends & relatives I only see once or twice a year, or less. And it may come as no surprise that not all those I spent time with agree with my point of view.

Allow me to admit to you that it has been one of the most refreshing times I have had in ages. What a joy to chat about important things with intelligent people!

Why is it that we seem to have forgotten how to disagree without bitterness? A group of us sitting around with multiple viewpoints about the topics of conversation was actually fun. Not to mention intellectually stimulating. There was no anger, no moodiness and no hurt feelings. We poked fun at each other, and even more so, at each other’s opinions without rancor.

And I will be the first to admit that we all learned some things (yes, actual facts) that we did not know before. You see, that is one of the best things that comes out of open and non-critical discussions – you tend to learn stuff you did not know.

Did any of us come away with changed opinions? Nope. We talked to share and explain, not to convince. Did we all come away with some things to ponder, things that in the future may affect our thoughts and perhaps our decisions? Definitely!

I only hope that the next time I am ranting and being stubbornly unwavering in my ‘rightness’ about an issue – I truly hope that I remember or have some one remind me of this experience. We all need to recall that we are not the only ones with justification for our opinions. And that sometimes, we can all disagree and all be right. Or as (Minister) Steve Brown says, when the end comes and we are on the way up, we’ll find out that we were all wrong.

It’s time we realized that people can all have good intentions, and want the best, while firmly believing in opposing viewpoints. Come, let us reason together – for the world will be improved as we do.

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One Response to Opposing Viewpoints

  1. bruce says:

    It is our right as Anericans to agree or disagree with policy, politics and our friends, the latter being the most fun. If you did not have different veiwes on some topics, conversaations would get very tedious and boring.

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