Petition for Divorce: We don’t have anything in common!

My wife and I have what I believe to be a great marriage. Now I admit it is hard to make a comparison for a couple of reasons. One: you never really know what things are like for others ‘behind closed doors’ and secondly: a lot of folks don’t seem to get married or stay married these days.

Those of you who know us will not be surprised when I say that we are very different people.

For example: she is a registered Democrat – I am a registered Republican,
she enjoys gambling occasionally – I am too tight to risk my money,
she reads romances – I am a hard core Science Fiction guy,
and on, and on, as Yul Brynner said better than anyone, “etcetera, etcetera, etcetera.”

Now if you don’t know that reference you have missed one of the all time great performances of our time, so ask someone. We live in a time of unlimited information, yet one of my ‘spell checkers’ does not recognize the word etcetera! Go figure!

Get the picture? We are different! And trust me; it makes for some fun conversations around my house. And it always has. Still, we will celebrate our 44th Anniversary in June, while it seems that today any excuse for a divorce is good enough.

“I hear it all the time. “My husband [or wife] doesn’t understand me. We are so different. We don’t really have anything in common.”

When I first met Gail, I was attracted to her precisely because she was different. Sadly, after a few years, these same differences started to annoy me. In fact, I began to think that my approach to live was right and hers wrong.

I then did what any loving husband would do. I tried to fix her—to make her more like me. And she did the same. Not surprisingly, this led to several years of conflict.”

This is taken from the newest post by Michael Hyatt on his blog Intentional Leadership. I strongly suggest that you read the entire thing (it is not too long) by clicking the link:

How Differences with Your Spouse Can Make Your Marriage Stronger

You’ll be glad you did…..I was!




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