Pick Yourself Up, Dust Yourself Off, and Start All Over Again

It’s funny to me to watch and listen to all my conservative friends. Same things with the vast majority of ‘right wing’ talking heads, it seems that they all have a bad case of Henny Penny-itis. The post election attitude is clearly a panicked “The sky is falling – THE SKY IS FALLING.”

But it isn’t of course. We seem to have forgotten that all you have to do to win is get up once more than you get knocked down. Take a good look at the realities of our situation and it becomes obvious what needs to be done to keep moving forward.

In an article brimming with clarity Laura Hollis spells it out. If you can take the truth, then there is still hope. Let me just hit her main points.


  1. We Are Outnumbered.
  2. It Wasn’t The Candidate(s)
  3. It’s The Culture, Stupid!
  4. America Has Become A Nation of Adolescents
  5. Yes, There Is Apparently A Vagina Vote
  6. It’s Not About Giving Up On “Social Issues”
  7. Obama Does Not Have A Mandate, And He Does Not Need One
  8. The Corrupt Media Is The Enemy
  9. Small Business And Entrepreneurs Will Be Hurt The Worst
  10. America Is More Polarized Than Ever: And This Time It’s Personal
  11. It’s Possible That America Just Has To Hit Rock Bottom

I could make a lot of comments about these points, but I would rather that you read the entire post. To do so click here.

The good news is: the future is in our hands. The bad news is: the future is in our hands.

It’s really a time to ponder just what it takes to do the right thing in life – what it takes to actually win the worthwhile fight in the face of real life. Perhaps this 3 minute video we remind you…..


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