What Do You Stand For?

We recently had the pleasure of having Pastor Josh Kimes as a guest speaker at our church service. Josh is a passionate speaker and touched many of us that morning. But as often happens, there was one specific thing he said that made all the difference for me.

He said, “I would rather be known for what I am for than for what I am against.” That single thought captured my mind and made me want to re-evaluate a lot of what I have written here on the blog.

No, I am probably not going to stop ‘crusading’ against things that i see as just plain wrong. Mainly because I feel that’s something we all need to do, and if more people took that action, that world around us would change. It could not help but do so.

But my thoughts have been more and more focused on exposing the positives around us and the positive things that I personally strive to attain. In a terrific article titled We The People in the recent Achievers Magazine the author laid out these principles that I find are the same exact ones that have the most meaning to me.

1. Learning: This is a lifelong never-ending commitment 
I have always felt that when you stop learning, you stop living. People who know me best know a sure conversation starter is: what are you reading?
2. Integrity: Above all else.
Stand for truth, but that is not enough. Integrity is more than just honesty, it is accountability,  personal responsibility and a commitment to ‘do the right thing.’
3. Excellence: We will not accept less than the best.
My years have taught me that personal excellence is a goal often reached for and only occasionally hit. That makes many give up on it, but for myself – it makes it a goal worth fighting for.
4. Respect: In every circle of life.
Everyone has built in favorites and dislikes: another word for these is prejudices. The only thing that makes our world work, even with all of us having our likes, etc, is respect. Respect for each other greases the wheels of society, and respect for ourselves is the beginning of respect for others.
5. Improving Our Society: Guidance, assistance and leadership.
I believe that the best way to change another is to focus on changing yourself. By becoming the very best you can be, you influence those around you to work at doing the same. Improve yourself, thereby improve your circle of influence, and in doing so improve the world. But it is a mistake to only work on self improvement, because while doing that to exclusion to all else we can let the world burn.
6. Positivity: Always believe in better.
There simply is no doubt about the truth of these words: “If you think you can do a thing or think you can’t do a thing, you’re right.”Henry Ford. Belief in a better outcome will not cause it to be, rather will allow it to be, while belief in a negative outcome will increase it’s probability.

Sorry for how long this post is, but I wanted to get it all included in one shot. In the upcoming days and weeks I will be posting articles on each of the six principles. And I look forward to feedback from any & all of you out there.

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