Religion in America

Many of you may agree with me when I state that Religion (particularly Christianity) is under duress, even attack in the USA today.

Some of you may disagree vehemently with the statement. I believe the difference lies in where you are looking and, as in everything else, with your personal ‘worldview.’

There is a tremendous article in this month’s Imprimis newsletter, out out by Hillsdale College. It is a long article taken directly from a speech and I recommend it to all. Please allow me to quote 2 paragraphs from the piece to spark your interest. And if they do not make you want to know more, then please do not bother with the link to the full post.

For-profit companies are not religious in the way that Notre Dame University is religious. Nonetheless, the religious beliefs of those who own and run businesses in America should be accorded some protection. This idea the Obama administration flatly rejects. By their progressive way of thinking, economic life should be under the full and unlimited control of the federal government.

Evoking the principle of fairness, Leiter argues that everybody’s conscience should be accorded the same legal protections. Thus he proposes to replace religious liberty with a plenary “liberty of conscience.”………Let me give an example. The urban high school my son attended strictly prohibits hats and headgear. It does so in order to keep gang-related symbols and regalia out of the school. However, the school recognizes a special right of religious freedom, and my son, whose mother is Jewish and who was raised as a Jew, was permitted to wear a yarmulke. Leiter’s argument prohibits this special right, but his alternative is unworkable. The gang members could claim that their deep commitments of loyalty to each other create a conscientious duty to wear gang regalia. If everybody’s conscience must be respected, then nobody’s will be, for order and safety must be preserved.

Turned off? Okay then forget it. But if you are intrigued or upset by this type of thinking it behooves you to read the article in it’s entirety. Go HERE to do that.

Regardless of the side you stand on, stand there in full knowledge rather than in ignorance.

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