Responsibility vs. Freedom

I am really tired of hearing so many people misuse the word Freedom in our country today!

  • Freedom does not mean free money from the government.
  • Freedom does not mean free cell phones for the unemployed.
  • Freedom does not mean government mandated and controlled healthcare.
  • Freedom does not mean sitting around and not even looking for a job because you can collect 99 weeks of unemployment compensation!
  • When did it become okay to kick back and let the government do everything for you?

    When did we as a society stop caring about our responsibilities before our freedoms?

    Just in case we have forgotten, the Declaration of Independence says that we have the unalienable rights to Life, Liberty AND THE PURSUIT OF HAPPINESS. It does not say that we have the right to be handed happiness on a silver platter by our government.

    Why do we allow our elected officials to pass laws that we as a country do not want?

    Why do we allow our elected officials to completely ignore the U.S. Constitution and do whatever they feel like?

    Until Next Time…(hopefully with a little less frustration)


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    2 Responses to Responsibility vs. Freedom

    1. I can tell that you are passionate. I agree. If people are taking handout from the government then they aren’t enjoying life, liberty, or the pursuit of happiness. Usually they are miserable because they don’t have any of that. It is our responsibility to go out there and take advantage of everything that he have.

    2. Mouth Guards says:

      There is definitely a fine line between responsibility and freedom. If only other people would realize this.

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