Government And Our Right To Privacy

I am a Patriot. The synonym for patriot is Loyalist. I am loyal to my country: the democratic republic of the United States of America as it was created and based on the Declaration of Independence, the Bill of Rights, and the rest of the Constitution with it’s checks and balances.That is not the same as saying I am loyal to the government of the country.

When that government targets Americans who use the word Patriot or cite the Constitution as radicals and/or potential terrorists, I really struggle with that. I just recently posted this on FaceBook: For many years I have said that 1984, Fahrenheit 451 and Animal Farm should be required reading for all Americans. Forewarned is supposedly forearmed but it kind of looks like they slipped it to us anyway. Stand up and be counted before it’s too late. If President Obama and his ‘gang’ are not the enemies of America they are still giving our enemies all the tools they will need. Next thing you know he’ll be pushing for a third term.

I accompanied that post with a link to this article: and here I want to add another link to another article: Take a couple of minutes to read these over, please.

Now, all that said: I have absolutely no secrets that our government would actually want to know – really. If they knew it all they would be bored. Because of that I have always reacted to the whole encryption thing as, “Why bother?” I protect myself from hackers etc. but I don’t need to protect myself from my own government. I am finding out that I was wrong, just like you would be wrong if you said I don’t need protection from identity theft – you do, I do too.

Anything you do or say can be twisted and used against you if for some reason someone wants to teach you a lesson, make an example of you or if you hold an unpopular political opinion. 25 years ago I would not have believed that it could happen here, but it is. Our government has chosen to treat dissenters as enemies. That means the dissenters had better keep speaking out or they will be silenced forever, and they need to take steps to protect themselves.

Here are some things you may want to take a look at:

How to secure your email and other communications.

If the Police cannot protect you (and they can’t – ask one privately) and the Government won’t protect you or even threatens you, protection for yourself and your family must start with you.



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