Rules Are Made To Be Broken?

We here in the US are constantly told that we live “under the rule of law” and that “no one is above the law.” And I believe that the vast majority of American citizens want it to be that way.

Unfortunately, there is a group of Americans that seems to be able to lie, cheat and break those laws with impunity. Sometimes they even flaunt that fact. Not only do they break the rules and laws that they set for us, they go on to ignore the very rules that they have set for themselves to follow. Here is a video from the Senate floor from June 29, 2012.


Amazing isn’t it? Now, I must admit that I do not agree with everything Mr. Paul says here. You see, he is so busy pointing the finger at “the other side of the isle” (meaning the other party) that he basically ignores the fact that nearly all politicians today seem to follow the same script – the rules only apply when I agree with them.

It”s time we made these people accountable for their actions. If they make a law, they must follow it. If they pass a Bill forcing ‘everyone’ to do or stop doing something, then they must be bound by the exact same rules. And it is time to put some teeth into these things. The politicians who break the law: don’t pay their taxes, get caught buying/selling drugs, have 150 parking/speeding tickets, and do not attend the House Sessions that they are being paid handsomely to attend should be put out of office immediately and suffer all the same legal consequences that you or I would. A large part of the problem would end by putting a stop to “career politicians.” I heard a parody recently of President Obama say, “Give me a break America. After all, this is the first job I have had.”

As I see it the bad choices are not being made by a political party as much as by politicians of a liberal mindset. What does that mean? Here is a little chart put together by The Heritage Foundation that makes the differences crystal clear. As they state it, the problem lies in conflicting dreams for America. Which represents your thoughts about “The American Dream?”

How many of us really knew that when Mr. Obama said he wanted to change America what he had in mind?

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