Season of Lies: The Deceptions of Politics

In case you haven’t noticed – it’s election time again. A time when (seemingly) all typical politicians show us their true colors. The “attack ads” are brutal this year. Character assassination at it’s finest.

Let’s get honest here. Distorting truth is also lying, and that is what nearly every political TV ad seems to do today. One small example: an ad states that if a certain group wins the election they will cut back police, fire and other essential local services. Really? And people believe that? Someone needs to stand up and yell, “Liar!”

In Pennsylvania there is a man running whose promo states he has created jobs and cut taxes in current & previous positions. Yet the opponents ad says that he raised taxes and increased unemployment. Obviously one of them is lying. Someone needs to stand up and yell, “Liar!”

Want to know the truth about any candidate? Look at their voting & attendance record. After all, it is not what you say, it is all about what you do, and they get paid quite a lot to be there. This works with any “professional” politician, as most these days has no job history other then so called “public service.” If the person you want to research in new to the political arena, information is still available. Look around for yourself. If you don’t know where to start, try: where you can input your own opinions and find out how the aspirants match up.

There are many different ways to lie. Take the numbers measuring inflation. This is a perfect example of how the public is told untruths daily. If you can’t control the numbers themselves you can try to change perception of them OR, you can change the calculations! Back in 1980 the way inflation was measured was beginning to give some people fits – so they fixed it! Right now we are told that there is only a 1% rate, but if we use the method that was used for many years, the actual rate of inflation in the USA is at 10%. Someone needs to stand up and yell, “Liar!”

Take a close look at the published numbers about unemployment. Investigate both what is AND what isn’t counted. Actual unemployment and underemployment (investigate that too) is at least 40% above published amounts. Someone needs to stand up and yell, “Liar!”

When President Obama was called a Liar while speaking to the House about the Health Care Plan, we all felt that it was inappropriate. But as we have been learning, it was the truth. I find it amazing that even with most people distrusting what the government says, they still do not seems to get it. It is time for bold, loud, and public profession of the truth. Someone needs to stand up and yell, “Liar!”

Do you have the best interest of this county in mind? Then, whether we agree or not – we are not enemies, we are on the same side. But if you say you care about the USA but only act in self interest: Someone needs to stand up and yell, “Liar!”

Sometimes that person standing will be me, and I do not believe I will be alone. The people have awoken to the manipulations. Thank God, it is not too late.

We The People……

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