I want to pass on to you a message and a video that I received in email from my very dear friend and mentor Warner. Among the things we have in common is the willingness to share our opinion whether politically correct, unpopular, or uncomfortable. As I mentioned in a recent email, people who go through life with their heads buried in the sand may someday have a very rude awakening. Are you paying attention?

“I taught world religions for a quarter of a century in a state university, treating each religion with respect as well we should. Most Americans, aware of the destructive nature of religious conflict, are very tolerant; but all subjects need to be seen and understood in context; tolerance included.
Today’s political correctness allows tolerance to turn a blind eye to facts of which we need to be aware. Would you turn a blind eye to the truth of the Christian crusades or the Inquisition in the name of tolerance?
This recent video should not be seen as anti Islam but anti absurd political correctness. Perhaps the speaker’s jibes go a bit beyond the bounds of good taste and not the way I would have treated the subject but stretch your tolerance a bit.

As someone recently pointed out: When you start believing the government . . . start questioning your beliefs.

If it offends you so be it; perhaps you are the one who needs to see it.

I found Warner’s one comment interesting. He said the video should not be seen as anti Islam. I don’t think it is at all. I think it is anti favoritism and anti discrimination. Because the people who are shouting “tolerance” at the top of their lungs seem intent on putting their boot on some and pushing others to the top.

What do you think?

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