Should Public Figures Be Held Accountable?

Yesterday I had a conversation with a coworker about the Bill Clinton/Monica Lewinsky affair and whether or not he should have been kicked out of office for his indiscretion or not and I’ll be honest, at the end of the conversation I was kind of dumbfounded.

The person I was having the conversation with felt that it was almost okay that our president had an affair while in office and that he only lied about it because he knew that some people would use that as cause to try and remove him. He felt that there was too much going on at the time in our country and he could accept the affair and the lying because of the important work that the president was doing.

I tried to explain to him that wrong was wrong and that I felt that if the president couldn’t keep a promise to his wife that he made before God then he didn’t deserve to lead this country. I tried to explain that trying to cover it up was an admission of guilt and an admission that he knew it was wrong before he did it, he did it anyway and that he therefore was completely without the morals and ethics that the country needs in a public figure.

When I got married 16+ years ago I made a promise to my wife before God and 200 people that I would love her and be faithful to her until death do us part. That is important, that is the entire basis for our wonderful relationship. Why is it that instead of the country saying that the president should be better than most, that he should be held to a higher standard than most because he is the example and symbol of everything good in this county we say oh it’s okay the job is tough and every president has done it?

I know this is old news but it set a very, very low standard for the actions and behavior that our country would accept from our president and it is bearing some pretty rotten and nasty fruit now. Example: when in this history of this country did a president ever bow down to a foreign dignitary and apologize for the policies of our country? Since when is it okay for our president to say “I’m sorry that we are so strong and wealthy and giving, I am going to try and get rid of that”?

The people in this country are the most giving, sharing and loving people that exist and our president feels he has to apologize for us? Forget that! Every single time there is some catastrophe who does the world turn to for help? Every single time some country needs to be bailed out for some stupidity on their own part who do they come to? I don’t care if it’s a natural disaster like Katrina or the earthquakes in Haiti or a devastating attack on a city or a planned and coordinated program to rid the world every member of the tribe that opposed you who comes to help? The people of the United States of America.

So Mr. President how about you stop bowing down to others, how about you stop apologizing for us and maybe for once you can stand up straight, square your shoulders and tell the world that you are proud to be an American!

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