Can You Spare 30 Minutes?

If you have a half hour you can spare, I want you to watch a video. If you don’t have that right now – perhaps you should come back to this another time. If you do have the time but are doubtful about the value of spending it here, let me say this….you won’t be sorry.

Below is a video from October 1964, nearly 50 years ago. The most amazing thing to me, when I recently watched this recently (twice) was how current and pertinent it is. Some of the names and the specific details are outdated, but I dare you to look past the details and see the intent & type of problems mentioned and not be chilled in light of ‘current events.’

This is a speech Ronald Reagan gave in support of Barry Goldwater’s failed run for President. It was the first time the general public became aware of the man as a political force. This was Reagan’s personal opinion and outlook laid bare and it paved the way for many of the policies he put in place as President. Here is another blogger’s thoughts about this speech:

Reagan goes into some detail of the programs of the “Great Society” and exposing them for the badly run, money-wasting organizations that they were. He continues drawing many likenesses of the administrations views to Marxism; he gives examples of these with the farmers who were losing their land, and a story of a woman getting a divorce so she could receive more welfare. This has the effect of shocking the listener, and creating a feeling of general disgust as parallels could be drawn with other issues of the day, issues such as the increasing divorce rates, the bankruptcy of farmers, rising cost of basic items.

But the speech failed to get Goldwater elected, because of public perception of Goldwater, and the idea that the “Great Society” actually was working well. Even though the speech failed it did stay in people’s minds as it became increasingly obvious that the “Great Society” had failed, just like the Final Frontier, the Fair deal before it.

Even forty years later this speech is as powerful and up-to-date as when it was first written, the same issues, the same party lines, the only change is the players. Even though this speech was made in ’64 seventeen years before Reagan was elected, this speech was one of the many things that helped him to be elected.
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Now that is something to think about!

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