Sure, Let’s Just Hand Them Our Wallets

I really don’t like jumping on the same bandwagon with everyone else but what explanation can possibly exist for what is going on right now?

The media tells us that a lot of what has happened is the fault of you and I. Our lousy spending habits and non-existent savings. Our willingness to get 20 credit cards when we can’t pay off the 5 or 10 we have already maxed out. Go ahead build up that debt and every five years clear it out with a nice easy bankruptcy. People do that. Companies do it even more. Can’t pay the bills? No problem, close the doors and let the investors, suppliers and employees deal with it. After all we can start up again next week with a different name, and maybe a new location – and do it all over again! Remember, we took our profits out long before the fall, so why not?

Think about it, when a big company gets in trouble, what should happen? The same thing that happens when a small business gets in too deep. It fails! Simple. The extenuating circumstances don’t count for squat. OK, so foreign manufacturers undercut you. So the unions pit the workers against the company rather than creating a team pulling together for profit. And when the consumer goes astray because you don’t make what they want, well, it all adds up to failure. That is what the Free Enterprise System creates, a climate in which responsive companies succeed and non-responsive ones fail. You want no ceiling, no problem, but it comes with no floor as part of the deal.

I was raised to believe in the doctrine of personal responsibility. You do it, or you don’t do it – you receive or pay the consequences. That’s it, period. Forget the blame game, And excuses are like belly buttons – everybody has one so nobody wants to see yours. When we allow that system of checks and balances to be short circuited we guarantee one thing – economic trouble for all. It is bad enough that we mess with what works but we set up impossible expectations in everyone else. How many banks, businesses and local governments can we realistically support or bail out?

BUT, to top it off…..we are giving out money that does not exist. That’s right, think it through. There is no $700 billion to give out. There is no $32 billion to hand over. The USA is already broke. No, I take that back. The USA is not just broke – we are Broke and IN DEBT. We are Trillions in debt and digging the hole deeper every day. And not with a shovel – we are using a back hoe! The point will soon arrive where our national monies will not even be able to pay the interest on that monumental debt. To add insult to injury (this is really scary) foreign countries now hold title to a large part of what amounts to a mortgage on America. And they all love us so much they would never call those ‘notes’ and ruin our economy – right?

How stupid can we be? It is ludicrous that we allow this to continue. Now it may be that you’ve not heard some of the things I just pointed out before today. A friend once said to me, “Are you sure? That can’t be right, after all the news services would be all over that stuff if it was true.” Yeah, well, what can I say. Let me suggest this. It is time you learned the truth about some things that go on. In our great country there is tremendous opportunity for success and for unscrupulous people even greater possibility for fraud, theft, and/or professed ignorance.

There will be no change in these things until we stand up and say, STOP! NO MORE! Let’s all face reality. It is pretty nice once you break through the crust of crap.

Till next time. Good luck and God Bless.

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Posted 9-28-2009

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