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What Do You Stand For?

We recently had the pleasure of having Pastor Josh Kimes as a guest speaker at our church service. Josh is a passionate speaker and touched many of us that morning. But as often happens, there was one specific thing he … Continue reading

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Painful Truths

Ann Coulter is many things, but the type of woman to mince words she is not. Having accused the Democratic party of being populated by traitors, liars, godless heathens, brainless half-wits, criminals masquerading as victims, and (most recently) people with … Continue reading

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Is It Too Late For America?

As I have mentioned in other posts – some of my friends feel that the Greatness of America lies only in the past. That the direction recent leadership has taken us has put us on the ‘slippery slope’ and that … Continue reading

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Leadership at Home?

I spend a lot of time on the blog lamenting the condition of our nation and our world. One of the reasons I do that is a personal belief that the solution to all the troubles lies within each of … Continue reading

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Chronically Happy

Are you struggling with stuff in your life? Of course you are. We all fight the battle of the day to day junk. every once in a while you get a wake up call. Something that reminds you that perhaps … Continue reading

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