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Germaine Greer

Freedom is fragile and must be protected. To sacrifice it, even as a temporary measure, is to betray it.                             – Germaine Greer, contemporary Australian writer

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The True Spirit of Christmas

I truly love this video – it FEELS like Christmas should feel, and to some of us, still does. May the true spirit of Christmas infect you, and may you be really contagious!

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Happy Thanksgiving – Share Your Gratefulness

It’s so easy to fall into the Holiday greeting thing, you know just saying Happy Thanksgiving in passing. Sure I understand it, heck I even do it. But the thing about this day – this day of THANKSGIVING is to … Continue reading

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Freedom: On A Personal Level

Most of us here in the USA take our freedoms for granted. That’s why, as they are being slowly eroded, we tend to not even notice till it effects us where we live. But what does Freedom mean in your … Continue reading

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What About Profit?

Do you understand Economics, Money and Profit? The Key to Winning in the mind of most people centers around money. And yet more and more in the world today we hear about ‘sharing the wealth’ and the ‘evils of capitalism.’ … Continue reading

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